Mortgage Brokers Can Now Offer Credit Repair as a New Profit Center

Bellevue, WA, October 02, 2006 --( Now, mortgage and loan brokers can better control their loan ratios by fixing credit report problems themselves. 

In his book Guaranteed Credit (Garrett Publishing 2002) Arnold S. Goldstein claims the three major credit reporting agencies maintain files on over 200 million Americans and over 12 million businesses. 

According to estimates the chance of having an error listed on a credit report is about 1 in 2. Bad credit and bad debts are a major problem when trying to qualify for a home loan. 

With thousands of dollars hinging on a 1/2 or even 1/4 point of interest it only makes sense for mortgage brokers to better control their clients credit scores. 

When it comes to credit problems, bad credit scores, bad debts, bankruptcy problems, collection debt, liens and many other credit issues, mortgage companies have had limiting choices:

• Doing nothing and losing deals based on low credit scores. 

• Outsourcing credit repair services and losing control over their deals.

• Using a quick fix credit score service that can bump a credit score by a few points in a short time frame yet usually doesn’t achieve maximum interest savings.

Now, mortgage brokers, loan officers, even car dealers and realtors can better control their deals by offering credit restoration services directly to their clients. Not only will they have a better chance of closing more deals they can start earning direct profits while helping their clients gain a higher credit score.
“Since half of all credit reports contain errors it only makes sense for financial professionals to better control their clients’ credit scores,” claims Brian DesLauriers, General Manager for Real Mango LLC, distributor for the Credit Money Machine.

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