Heart-shaped Green Teas for an Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift

The most common Valentine’s Day gift of assorted chocolates is no longer acceptable for many people, and their sweeties are obliging them by giving them a heart-healthy alternative gift of a handcrafted heart-shaped green tea, instead. - January 15, 2007

Tea Website Offers an Easy, Alternative Way to Get Healthy & Fulfill those New Year Resolutions

Two weeks into the New Year and your resolve is already slipping away? Time to ditch all those hopeful New Year resolutions to get fit and lose weight? Do not lose heart, help is at hand from China’s Secret teas. - January 11, 2007

Green Tea May be Good for us but Does it Have to Taste so Bland?

Numerous stories and scientific studies abound about how good green tea is for health. So what is stopping all us health conscious folks from guzzling gallons of the stuff, like the Chinese or Japanese do? Our study shows that it is the taste of green tea that is putting us off. Despite being well... - September 26, 2006

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