Heart-shaped Green Teas for an Alternative Valentine’s Day Gift

The most common Valentine’s Day gift of assorted chocolates is no longer acceptable for many people, and their sweeties are obliging them by giving them a heart-healthy alternative gift of a handcrafted heart-shaped green tea, instead.

London, United Kingdom, January 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- China’s Secret Teas is promoting their unique hand-molded heart-shaped green tea as a new, healthier alternative to the traditional Valentine’s Day chocolate gifts. Hazel explains, “On Valentine’s Day in the past, your safest bet is to give a box of chocolates as a gift. Not any more. Now a lot of people won’t eat the chocolate you give them because they’re on a diet, or they’re watching their weight, or they have diabetes. Fortunately, green tea makes a great replacement for chocolate.”

China’s Secret heart-shaped green teas blossom to reveal two flowers from each half of the heart, when hot water is added. You can make up to 5 cups of tea with that too. Hazel believes that this is idea for people who want a Valentine’s Day gift that is healthy, unusual and not too cheesy. “It’s the safest thing for them to do. Especially if they aren’t sure what other type of gift the person would like, or if they don’t know if the person is on a diet. It’s really healthy and classy, so nobody complains when they get green tea.”

For more information on China’s Secret teas, heart-shaped green teas or photography, contact Hazel Tan at +44(0)7796697315281 or hazel@chinasecret.co.uk. To buy green tea online go to www.chinasecret.co.uk.

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Hazel Tan