Successful Zero Out of Pocket LED Lighting Retrofit Program from Energy Smart Industry

Energy Smart Industry has announced that its lighting retrofit program has been quite successful so far and has helped people to see the difference. The Hollywood based company has been providing the retrofit program in the United States for quite some time now. Their LED retrofit revolutionary... - October 17, 2010

LED Lighting Retrofit Services for Florida Hospital LED Lighting

Energy Smart Industry which is also known as ESI, has been providing with LED retrofit services across United States. The company has launched customized lighting solutions for different kinds of industries and has now introduced LED Lighting retrofit for hospital LED lighting. With the new LED... - October 10, 2010

Energy Smart Industry LED Lighting Company, Offers LED Outdoor Lights Efficient Lighting Solutions for Everyone

Energy Smart Industry (ESI) has established itself as an efficient LED lighting solution provider. The company now announces the launch of LED outdoor lights under their energy efficiency program. The company has been providing with different lighting solutions in the past that cater to industries... - October 01, 2010

New LED Retrofit GLMP Program from ESI-Promises Big Savings on Your Electric Bill

Energy Smart Industry (ESI), which is now the leading provider of LED lighting solutions in USA, promises that their new LED retrofit GLMP program would help their clients make big savings on their electric bills. GLMP is the short form for Green Lease Management Program and is quite popular with... - October 01, 2010

Energy Smart Industry Brings Outdoor LED Lighting

ESI or the Energy Smart Industry, which is known to come up with smart and energy efficient lighting solutions now launches special outdoor LED lighting. With the new lightings, people can look forward to getting powerful lights for outdoors and can also get to save on their electricity bill. The... - September 17, 2010

Energy Smart Industry Bags LED Condo Lighting Order from Sea Ranch Condo Association

One of America’s leading providers of LED condo lighting, Energy Smart Industry, has announced that it has signed on a new client, the Sea Ranch condo association. - July 25, 2010

LED Retrofit - Create Better Tomorrow by Changing Your Lighting Today

ESI offers different kinds of retrofitting programs that may suit your requirement. You can use the LED lights in your office, homes, manufacturing unit and at other places and stop worrying about your electricity bills. They not only save environment but save your money as well. - July 18, 2010

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