Energy Smart Industry Bags LED Condo Lighting Order from Sea Ranch Condo Association

One of America’s leading providers of LED condo lighting, Energy Smart Industry, has announced that it has signed on a new client, the Sea Ranch condo association.

Hollywood, FL, July 25, 2010 --( Energy Smart Industry, a leading Florida-based provider of LED condo lighting has announced that it has signed on a new client, the Sea Ranch condo association, to whom it will provide LED retrofit solutions. Sea Ranch is a large, upscale condo based in Hollywood, Florida and its public areas will be retrofitted with LED lighting. In the past, ESI has also successfully implemented LED retrofits for condominiums like Ocean Palms and Hollywood Station. With its LED condo lighting solution, ESI proposes to give Sea Ranch at least 40% savings on energy bills.

Commenting on this development, Mr. David Houri says, “At ESI we are emerging as experts in Condominium retrofit solutions. We have successfully designed and installed LED condo lighting in at least two other condos. We understand the nuances of designing a successful LED retrofit for condos and are familiar with their needs. We identify high-consumption areas in the building such as parking lots, gardens, gym and pools and design the best possible solution for these: which includes proper illumination, saving energy costs and good aesthetics.”

With Sea Ranch, ESI will take into account general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting while designing a LED retrofit for the condo. All this will be offered at zero out-of-pocket expenses to the condo association. ESI has launched a unique Green Lease Management Program (GLMP), where the client makes no upfront payment. ESI only charges a pre-determined percentage of the actual savings on the energy bills. This means that the client always has a positive cash flow and pays ESI based on savings.

Once the agreement is signed, ESI sends in its team of engineers and lighting designers, which specializes in condominium retrofit lighting.

Adds Mr. Houri, “When beginning a project on condo lighting, ESI conducts a lighting system audit and analysis of the condo to identify the condo’s lighting needs and consumption patterns. Utility bills are reviewed before designing a retrofit solution to give the condo energy efficient lighting. This is done with the dual objective of saving money and helping the environment too. Using state-of-the-art software, our engineers design and propose a LED retrofit solution in keeping with IESNA (Illumination Engineering Society of North America) standards.”

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