Improved Chiperatorâ„¢ Makes Old Coolant Usable Again in Two Minutes

Companies can save money by reclaiming and reusing machine tool metal cutting fluids, and at the same time be more considerate of the environment. Abanaki Corporation is helping do that with its improved version of the Chiperatorâ„¢ Chip and Coolant Separation System. - July 14, 2010

Abanaki Grease Grabber® Belt Skimmer Improvements Allow More Economical, Safer Separation of Greases and Oils from Water

Industry is under constant pressure to reclaim, recycle, and reuse water and water-base liquids that become contaminated. This is particularly difficult in the case of water contamination caused by greases and heavy oils. Abanaki Corporation helps solve this problem with its patented Grease Grabber belt skimmer. - July 14, 2010

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