Improved Chiperator™ Makes Old Coolant Usable Again in Two Minutes

Companies can save money by reclaiming and reusing machine tool metal cutting fluids, and at the same time be more considerate of the environment. Abanaki Corporation is helping do that with its improved version of the Chiperator™ Chip and Coolant Separation System.

Cleveland, OH, July 14, 2010 --( Companies save money by reclaiming and reusing machine tool metal cutting fluids, and at the same time become friendlier to the environment. Abanaki’s Chiperator™ Chip and Coolant Separation System helps them recycle fluids by giving new life to old coolant filled with chips from machine sumps, tanks and parts washers.

Now, Abanaki has announced an improved version of its Chiperator that features redundant back-up pressure-relief valves, corrosion-resistant sump basket, a non-clog valve, and optional wheeled spill-catcher. The air-driven Chiperator vacuums cutting fluids loaded with chips out of machine tool sumps into a 55-gallon drum, strains the chips from the coolant, and then returns clean coolant to the machine sump. The whole operation takes less than two minutes.

The improved Chiperator offers a screw-down style valve that will not clog. Chips can interfere with the operation of plunger-style valves used in some competitive designs. In addition, the new Chiperator now features a stainless steel sump basket that improves corrosion resistance.

Chiperator is a dramatic improvement over other cutting fluid separator systems that are slower, harder to maintain and not able to clean and filter as effectively. Key features include:

- Strains 40 gallons of chips and coolant per minute
- Efficient venturi design consumes less air than competitive models
- Acts as both a vacuum and a pump
- Economical, disposable filter bags make cleanup a breeze
- Filters out chips and shavings from plastic, steel, aluminum, ceramic, etc.
- Quiet; less noise than other air driven or electrical units
- No moving parts
- Equipped with float valve to automatically shut off unit when drum is full
- Equipped with automatic pressure relief valve for added safety
- Complete with on/off valve for easy shutoff
- 30-day money-back guarantee plus one-year warranty on parts

The Chiperator is often used with Abanaki oil skimmers and coolant skimmers for a complete solution to a plant’s fluid reclamation program. Oil skimmers remove oil and other hydrocarbon fluids from wastewater so the latter can be recycled or safely discharged into a sewer system. Coolant skimmers separate water and oil in metal cutting fluids so they last longer, avoid rotten-egg odor, and reduce tool wear.

When the Chiperator is used with Abanaki’s optional SpillScooter, operators can easily wheel the Chiperator from machine to machine to extend the value of their investment. The plastic SpillScooter also catches drips and small spills that could cause safety problems, and could eventually cause contamination problems in sewer lines.

For more information about the Chiperator or other Abanaki products, contact Abanaki at (440) 543-7400 or (800) 358-SKIM (7546), or by e-mail: See the full-line of Abanaki products and services online at

Andre Clayton