Fangoria Magazine to Sell Limited Edition "America Haunts" Magazine

This limited edition, full-color issue salutes and was written exclusively for America Haunts – the association that stamps approval for the most chilling, elaborate, panic-inducing haunted houses and attractions nationwide. - September 27, 2013

Phobias and Fear Examined in New America Haunts Blog Series

Entries to explore at least one phobia (i.e., Triskaidekaphobia (the irrational fear of the number 13) or Phasmophobia (an unnatural fear of ghosts and apparitions)) that thrill seekers might be experiencing at one of the America Haunts' attractions. - September 01, 2011

America Haunts Scares Up 2010 Halloween Season Early for Comic-Con International

Early opening of The Haunted Hotel in San Diego enables America Haunts to showcase what visitors can expect this Fall. - July 23, 2010

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