The Institute of Frontier Science's Own Stanton T. Friedman Appearing at High Level International Conference on Global Competitiveness

Stanton T. Friedman, MSc, FFSc, nuclear physicist, lecturer, author, and Senior Fellow at the Institute of Frontier Science, will be speaking at the Fifth Annual Global competitiveness Forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from January 22 to 25, 2011. - January 23, 2011

Big Names in UFO Research Join the Institute of Frontier Science

Great things have been happening in the days following the opening of the Institute of Frontier Science. Inspired by the Institute's distinctive mission, some renowned UFO researchers and lecturers have joined the Institute, accepting Fellowships of Frontier Science. Dennis Balthaser is a UFO... - September 17, 2010

Study of UFO's Achieves Distinction at the New Institute of Frontier Science

Unlike any UFO research and education organization ever conceived, the Institute of Frontier Science has opened it's doors. The Institute's goal is to help usher Ufology into the mainstream arena, focus attention on the type of benefits to be realized by Mankind from the study of Ufology, familiarize the public and the scientific community with the high caliber of researchers devoting their time and resources to solving the UFO Phenomena, and raise the credibility of this scientific discipline. - September 09, 2010

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