There is Beauty in the World - New Message Board Celebrates Art, Poetry, Writing, Music, Spirituality

A new message board created for lovers of poetry, writing, art, music, and spirituality begins with this simple message: “In music, the arts, and in words; within philosophy, spirituality, and even simple soul searching; and ultimately within people themselves- there is beauty in the... - April 16, 2007

Eyes of the Poet Radio Celebrates National Poetry Month and Takes New Poetry Submissions

In celebration of National Poetry Month in the Untied States, Eyes Of The Poet Radio will play "blocks" of poetry during the month of April and will accept most new audio poetry submissions. - March 26, 2007

Is it Death for Niche Internet Radio?

Eyes Of The Poet Radio occupies a narrow niche in the world of Internet radio. The station streams New Age and Ambient music along with audio poetry, interviews, and information about books. "The original idea behind creating the station was to give audio poetry a chance to be heard, for free,... - March 20, 2007

New Book is "Exquisite Lush Perfection" According to Top Reviewer

Rebecca Johnson, a top-ten reviewer at has referred to the new poetry anthology, Eyes Of The Poet: Love and Passion in Lasting Splendor, as "exquisite lush perfection." - October 22, 2006

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