"If It Bleeds It Leads" Newsroom Culture Unveiled by Emmy Award-Winning Journalist Ben Swann on Flow Of Wisdom Radio

On this week’s Flow of Wisdom (FOW) Radio Show with Sean Anthony, Emmy Award-Winning Investigative Journalist, Ben Swann, discussed details behind media newsroom culture and the motto, “If It Bleeds It Leads.” Swann explained why “killings and stabbings” are... - January 15, 2014

Sean Anthony and Flow Of Wisdom Radio Show Launch March 2013 on Genesis Communications Network

Veteran radio personality, Sean Anthony, has inked a new deal with Genesis Communications Network to syndicate his Flow Of Wisdom Radio Show beginning Sunday, March 10, 3-5 PM (EST). According to their website, Genesis Communications Network (GCN) is “the fastest-growing talk radio network... - March 07, 2013

Flow Of Wisdom Receives Media Coverage in CBS6 Richmond News Commentary

Flow Of Wisdom Radio host Sean Anthony's knowledge of chemtrails was highlighted in a news interview aired Thursday, January 10 at 11pm est on WTVR Richmond. - January 14, 2013

Sean Anthony Will Interview International Civil Rights Activist and Comedian Dick Gregory on Flow Of Wisdom Radio

The rattling interview with one of the world’s most forefront humanitarians will air on Flow Of Wisdom Radio this Sunday at 9AM. - June 16, 2012

Flow of Wisdom Radio Interview: Heavy Hitter DJ Lonnie B’s Personal Conflict with Hip Hop

Sean Anthony The Motivator spoke with Virginia-based DJ Lonnie B about every celebrity DJ’s challenge to spin music that appeals to the public, but not to the spirit. The live, in-studio interview podcast is available now on flowofwisdom.com. - March 21, 2012

Flow of Wisdom Radio Makes Major Changes

The syndicated talk radio show will now air at 9AM Sundays on WYTT 95.5 Jamz Roanoke Rapids, NC. Host Sean Anthony also released his statement on dropping “Hip Hop” from his title. - March 19, 2012

Flow of Wisdom Radio Host Sean Anthony Seals an Endorsement Deal with Forever K. Michael Collection

The breakout eyewear designer will feature a new personality in its "From Day, Til Dark" campaign. The Hip Hop Motivator joins an elite cast of celebrity endorsers and is featured in promos and ads throughout the Virginia market. - April 08, 2011

A Cut Deep: The Impact of Budget Cuts on Youth Programs with Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator on Flow of Wisdom Radio

This Sunday, March 20 at 9am, join special guests from the Tri-City Youth Athletic Association as Flow of Wisdom Radio explores solutions for the direct effects of budget cuts on youth programs in America. - March 19, 2011

It’s Official: Flow of Wisdom Radio with Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator is a Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Show

Flow of Wisdom Radio drops “The Power of One Voice” title and picks up WYTT as its first terrestrial radio station affiliate. The Hip Hop Motivator arrives on WYTT’s 95.5 Jamz in the Emporia, Virginia radio market on Saturday, March 12. - March 05, 2011

'Get Your Money Up' with Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator and Miycol Jones

Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator gives listeners a financial rundown during these tough economic times on Flow of Wisdom's The Power of One Voice talk radio show. The episode airs live Sunday, February 27 at 9am EST on www.iPowerRichmond.com. - February 26, 2011

Tony Gaskins Speaks with Sean Anthony the Hip Hop Motivator About "Swirl" Relationships

This Sunday before Valentine’s Day, tune into The Power of One Voice at 9am as relationship coach Tony Gaskins joins Flow of Wisdom Radio to find out if interracial couples have more fun or more drama. - February 11, 2011

Mary HoneyB Morrison Talks Sex Business on Flow of Wisdom Radio

Explosive episode “Sex: BIG Business” hosted by Sean Anthony, The Hip Hop Motivator, airs live during urban talk radio show The Power of One voice at 9AM Sunday on WCDX iPower 92.1. - January 19, 2011

Flow Of Wisdom Radio Pays Homage to Today’s Great Men on The Power of One Voice

Talk radio host Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator to present panel of accomplished men in honor of Martin Luther King’s vision. - January 14, 2011

Flow of Wisdom Radio Presents "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Does It Matter?"

Talk Radio Host Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator Discusses The ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal on WCDX iPower 92.1’s “The Power Of One Voice.” - January 06, 2011

The Power Of One Voice Means More to Victims of Domestic Violence

This holiday season, Flow Of Wisdom’s Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator gives a voice to domestic violence survivors on his talk show The Power of One Voice this Sunday at 9AM on iPower 92.1. - December 15, 2010

Finding God in Prison: A Look at Incarcerated Spirituality

Flow Of Wisdom's Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator Takes on Prison Religion Topic for Talk Radio Show. - December 09, 2010

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