'Get Your Money Up' with Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator and Miycol Jones

Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator gives listeners a financial rundown during these tough economic times on Flow of Wisdom's The Power of One Voice talk radio show. The episode airs live Sunday, February 27 at 9am EST on www.iPowerRichmond.com.

Richmond, VA, February 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator will interview Miycol Jones, author of “Keepin’ Up With The Finances” this Sunday, February 27 at 9am EST on Flow of Wisdom Radio’s The Power of One Voice talk show. The self-help book author will join Sean Anthony in discussing the importance of financial planning and will reveal simple, “practical tips for personal finance” during economic hardships. The episode “Get Your Money Up” airs live on WCDX iPower 92.1 in Richmond, Virginia and streams live on www.ipowerrichmond.com.

Listeners are encouraged to comment by calling live at (804)345-9236 or by posting on Twitter at @Sean_Anthony and on the Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator facebook fan page.

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About Miycol Jones: Miycol Jones is the author of the self-help book series “Keepin’ Up” She has appeared as a guest on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. “Keepin’ Up With The Finances” is her first book of the series. She is a human resources director by trade and ministry leader by calling. Jones currently lives in Ohio with her husband and two daughters. Visit her website: www.miycol.com for more information on her dynamic inspirational books.

About The Hip Hop Motivator: Sean Anthony The Hip Hop Motivator is an award-winning veteran Radio One media personality. He has impacted the Columbus, OH, Detroit, D.C., and Richmond, VA markets. His work has been featured in The Source Magazine and on popular blog sites AllHipHop.com, ThisIs50.com, and NecoleBitchie.com. As a trained speaker, The Hip Hop Motivator has reached thousands of people since 2000 with his inspirational messages on faith, leadership, and achievement. The HHM also offers professional radio support, event hosting, and voiceover and audio production services. Visit the website at www.flowofwisdom.com.

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