Learn the Ancient "Science of Eight Limbs" Thai Martial Art

i-to-i Meaningful travel has built another cultural bride to the world and this time it is with Thailand’s prestigious national sport, Muay Thai, a beautiful blend of kickboxing-style martial arts and ancient Buddhist rituals. It has been practiced voraciously in numerous Southeast Asian... - September 24, 2007

Play Soccer, Help the World

The opportunity to play soccer is hard to come by for children in developing nations. They are often without the resources to fund a team, frequently coaches are unavailable and equipment is lacking or completely non-existent. i-to-i Meaningful Travel offers volunteer coaching positions in countries such as Argentina, Kenya, Tanzania and Honduras. - September 24, 2007

International Internships Offer Recent Grads a Competitive Edge When Entering the Job Market

An internship in another country equips grads with relevant career experience along with many invaluable skills needed in the real world. Working with others while overcoming cultural and communicational differences shows employers a strong ability to negotiate situations and problem solve. In fact, the propensity to travel exhibits a firm sense of self and an initiative to take on risks independently. - September 12, 2007

Alternative Spring Break Isn’t Really About Skipping the Party; It’s About Finding the Best One

i-to-i has over 22 trips that will get you out of the snow and into the sun. Choices range from building houses in Central America to caring for lions in South Africa. - July 30, 2007

Now Hiring Surf Bum/Conservationist

Try to imagine a trip that combines sun, surf and… teaching? At i-to-i Meaningful Travel, volunteers will have the opportunity to split their days between relaxing on the beach getting a tan, hitting the waves and helping the local community. Don’t know how to surf? Not a problem,... - July 26, 2007

Make Employees Feel Like They Have a Purpose. Make Communities Matter.

Make Your Company Bigger Than its Bottom Line. - March 09, 2007

International Women’s Day 2007 - This Year isn’t about Observance, it’s about Participation

Learn how to help women in Tanzania who are fighting for theirs. - March 03, 2007

Trade in Your Lifeguard Whistle, Break in Your Passport This Summer

When it comes to job hunting, Audra Murray has a secret weapon. One month teaching in a Tanzanian classroom on an i-to-i volunteer adventure rounded out her resume and provided more ‘why do you want to be a teacher?’ anecdotes than she knows what to do with. Murray, 21, an... - February 27, 2007

Volunteer Travel on the Rise

Volunteer travel is a growing trend. i-to-i, a meaningful travel provider, sends volunteers to work on community development, conservation, teaching, healthcare, sports, and building projects globally. - December 20, 2006

Spring Break Vacation 2007 – Resume Building Made Easy

How would you like to take a break from the cold and spend a week on the beach building your resume? If you can imagine yourself working with sea turtles in Costa Rica, teaching English in Vietnam, or coaching soccer in Brazil, then i-to-i Meaningful Travel can make it happen. Volunteers... - December 05, 2006

Wouldn’t it be Nice to Send Your Season’s Greetings from Africa?

Your son has plenty of sweaters and your daughter, no matter what she tells you, might not actually need that new cell phone she has on her holiday wish list. This year, rock the entire family’s world by giving them the gift they’d never imagine – a view from another part of... - November 18, 2006

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Have you ever watched a National Geographic special and wished it was you out there in the African bush? Well, here’s your chance. i-to-i’s groundbreaking Wildlife Ranger Training trip will find you setting up camp in the African bush, attending ranger training lectures, and... - November 18, 2006

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