Moving Sound Along with Video: New Per-Application Audio Switcher Tool in "Actual Multiple Monitors"

Automatic sound switching in multimedia applications when moving back and forth between a TV/projector and a Windows PC has been achieved by the Actual Tools software development company in the latest version 8.12 of its popular multi-monitor extension series known as Actual Multiple... - April 21, 2018

Actual Multiple Monitors Introduces Window Group Sizing

Actual Tools Company has released a new version of Actual Multiple Monitors. Version 8.7 features several functional improvements, the most significant being Window Group Sizing. This feature allows users to consistently resize adjacent windows, while maintaining their relative positions. With... - February 07, 2016

Actual Multiple Monitors Puts Recycle Bin on Any Monitor's Taskbar

In the new 8.6 version of its Actual Multiple Monitors utility Actual Tools has added the ability to put the Recycle Bin onto Windows taskbar on both primary and secondary monitors. The feature is available on all versions of Windows since Windows XP. Many Windows users that work with large amount... - October 09, 2015

Windows Logon Screen Background Changer: Now on Secondary Monitors

In the new 8.5 version of its Actual Multiple Monitors utility Actual Tools offers an advanced tool that allows to change the background image of the Logon Screen. Unlike all existing solutions, this tool can change backgrounds on secondary monitors as well. The tool is available for all Windows... - August 30, 2015

Actual Window Manager: New Windows 10 UI Features in Windows 7/8

Actual Tools announces a new version of Actual Window Manager, an efficient tool for extending the functionality of Windows OS. Version 8.3 allows Windows 7/8 users to enjoy the new features of Windows 10, like Virtual Desktops and Snap Assist, without the need for switching to the new OS. - April 22, 2015

Award Winning Bestseller Fixes Another Windows OS Defect

Actual Tools releases a new version of its bestselling utility Actual Multiple Monitors, featuring a long-awaited option to save idle screens on multi-monitor systems. By launching screensavers on individual monitors, it helps to “turn off” unused screen space and keep the desktop in... - March 11, 2014

Acclaimed Software Tool Mirrors Display Over Multiple Monitors

Actual Tools announces the updated Actual Multiple Monitors tool. This all-in-one utility to manage multi-display systems now offers an extremely simple way to clone a display over multiple monitors without any additional hardware like HDMI splitters. On Vista and above these mirrors are also hardware-accelerated. - March 01, 2014

Actual Multiple Monitor Enables Playing Diablo III on Multi-Monitor Systems

A simple but effective trick announced in the new version of Actual Multiple Monitors makes playing Diablo III in a multiple display environment more convenient and pleasant. With a single keypress, the mouse cursor is unlocked from the games display, allowing a user to easily switch to other applications. - September 20, 2013

New Tool Speeds Up Folder Navigation by 300%

Actual Tools has released a new interface improvement tool - Actual File Folders. This program enables instant opening of frequently used folders in any application or file dialog. - August 25, 2013

Better Mouse Experience in Multi-Monitor Systems

Actual Tools has implemented features missing in Windows, making the mouse behavior more practical and convenient on multi-monitor systems: desktop wrapping, locking mouse within boundaries of a monitor and various scroll tools. Multi-monitor systems add extra screen space and additional... - May 25, 2013

Complete Multi-Monitor Taskbar for Windows 7

Actual Tools, a leading developer of multiple monitor software, has released a new version of Actual Multiple Monitors, their award-winning multi-monitor utility. The new version 3.2 has full support for Windows 7 task management features. - June 09, 2011

Multi-Monitor Desktop Mirroring

Actual Tools, a leading developer of multiple monitor software, has released a new version of their award-winning multi-monitor utility - Actual Multiple Monitors. The new version 3.1 introduces a powerful and flexible feature - mirroring. - February 17, 2011

Multi-Monitor Mouse Tricks

Actual Tools, a leading provider of desktop productivity software, has announced Actual Window Manager 6.3, a powerful extension of the Windows user interface offering new features for better mouse control in a multiple-display environment. - January 21, 2011

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