They've Done It Again...PR50 Media Group is Offering Their Annual 1 Free Press Release for the Upcoming New Year

PR50 Media Group is starting a tradition of offering a "something for nothing" concept. They're giving away one free well-written press release (one page) for any small to mid-size business. The press release will offer the who, what, where, when of the product or services you offer. Why not begin the year with a free press release to create the "buzz" that your company needs to increase awareness and revenue. - December 21, 2011

Announcing PR50 Media Group to Replace Brittain's Communications & Virtual PR Agency Title

It became obvious that the original company name was not working. It was too long and complicated. Brittain's Communications & Virtual PR Agency worked on a new name during the summer months. They even researched short titles on the Internet to come up with a more streamlined title for the public relations and communications business. The company is fabulous and unique. Hence, PR50 Media Group will optimize the mission and goals of the group overall. - September 09, 2011

Brittain's PR Agency Hires Team to Specialize in High-Impact Crisis Management for Politicians to Avoid Electronic Cyberspace Disasters’ and Start Speedy Image Recovery

Since seeing the debacle over social networking inappropriateness of some political figures in recent days, it became ever apparent that there needs to be a team of experts to help with verbiage and press during these types of crisis. Chicago based Brittain's Communications and Virtual PR Agency Worldwide has hired a high-impact team to direct their attention to "fallen" politicians that find themselves caught in a social networking disaster that has the potential to ruin their political career. - June 18, 2011

Brittain's Communications & Virtual PR Agency Positions DB-Business Consulting in Michigan with Vision and Brand Building

BCPR offers the client a cohesive blend of PR components and results driven marketing strategies. Their clients get fresh insights to the latest technologies in public relations and social media networking. - June 08, 2011

Brittain’s Communications Makes an Exhilarating Move Into Downtown Office Space in Chicago

Brittain's Communications & Virtual PR Agency Worldwide is excited. Gaining virtual office space is a huge step toward entrepreneurship! It’s Innovative, Unique, Cost-Effective and Now BCVPR Agency Worldwide Can Get Down to Business. - May 10, 2011

Brittain’s Communications & Virtual Public Relations Agency Worldwide Has Launched a New Website, Revised Their Name, and is Open for Business

Brittain's Communications Agency, a Virtual Public Relations Service Company Announces a New Website, New Name, and Special Membership Rates on Their Website. - March 30, 2011 Helps Baby Boomers and Older Workers Get Hired in the 21st Century

Brittain’s Communications Worldwide Target Boomers and Older Job Seekers to show them how to find a job or change careers in a very different job-hunting environment. - February 27, 2011

Brittain's Public Relations Agency Worldwide, is Giving Away the Bronze Pre-Packaged Level Service for Free During the Month of January

Tracy Brittain, President of Brittain's Public Relations & Communications Agency WW, is giving away one of their pre-packaged Public Relations Kits for the month of January, to any size business or service. - January 15, 2011

Brittain's Public Relations & Communications Agency Offers Budget-Cutting PR Membership Packages for Small Business Owners

Brittain's Public Relations & Communications Agency Worldwide announces their grand opening to help new or existing businesses in a down economy. - December 18, 2010

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