Announcing PR50 Media Group to Replace Brittain's Communications & Virtual PR Agency Title

It became obvious that the original company name was not working. It was too long and complicated. Brittain's Communications & Virtual PR Agency worked on a new name during the summer months. They even researched short titles on the Internet to come up with a more streamlined title for the public relations and communications business. The company is fabulous and unique. Hence, PR50 Media Group will optimize the mission and goals of the group overall.

Chicago, IL, September 09, 2011 --( The title of Brittain's Communications & Virtual PR Agency Worldwide became too cumbersome for the public relations and marketing agency. So, their consultants (without hesitation) got to work on a new name for the business-- after seeing that the long name was not productive long term.

PR50 Media Group is a better fit. It expressed the innovation, uniqueness, creativity and technology of the companies business side. The PR50 Media Group is made up of tech savvy, communication professionals, marketing experts, and graphic design knowledgeable consultants. This group of expressive and advanced professionals wants to be seen as the up-and-coming media group with all of the bells and whistles.

Launching PR50 Media Group as a new name formerly (Brittain’s Communications & Virtual PR Agency Worldwide) has been a learning experience. “We don’t want to have to change our name in the future so we looked it up on the Internet and it was available for us to launch as our new name in the marketplace,” says Tracy T. Brittain, Owner/Founder of the group.

“Our website is complete now. But without a name that was easy to find and easy to remember, we couldn’t see ourselves making any marketing submissions for the future. PR50 Media Group is not just another design or media group; it’s a public relations company that is on the cutting edge of communications.”

Of course, if you change the name of your business a lot of marketing collateral has to be restructured and renamed as well. In the process of doing so, launching a new name doesn't always mean that it has to mean completely restructuring the entire website. The website was built to include the features of what PR50 Media Group has to offer. The packages are the same like; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Celebrity Level Packages, plus ala carte marketing and pr services to compliment other needs a company may want to apply are still available on the website on the "Our Rate Page."

PR50 Media Group, will help any business acumen brand their messaging and extend the value of their company. We use experts that provide proven best practices to help them work more efficiently, upgrade more easily, and effectively manage risk.

"I look forward to doing business under PR50 Media Group," says Tracy T. Brittain.

PR50 Media Group
Tracy T Brittain
Our new offices are located at 22 W. Washington St;, Suite 1500, Chicago, IL. 60602. By appointment only.