Social Light Offering Wholesale Lighters in Time for the Holidays

Leading provider of refillable butane lighters Social Light is proudly announcing wholesale offerings for the Holidays. - November 24, 2011

Social Light to Offer Quality Butane Lighter Refills

Leading provider of refillable lighters, Social Light, is proudly announcing the new availability of their line of butane lighter refills. These refills are perfect to replace empty lighters and lengthen life expectancy of their trendy butane lighters. Social Light is now introducing its complete... - October 26, 2011

Social Light to Offer Butane Lighter Refills

Social Light, provider of stylistic lighters for domestic use, has announced the new availability of butane lighter refills for its lighters. - October 19, 2011

Buy Wholesale from Social Lighters

Social Light is encouraging the public to buy wholesale for the upcoming holiday seasons. - October 19, 2011

Social Light Announces New Acrylic Merchandiser Display Case

Social Light has just announced the release of their acrylic merchandiser display units for the retailers who feature their line of decorative candle lighters. The new display case holds up to eight lighters, and can also be used to present the products that supplement the product; handmade gift... - July 20, 2011

Social Light Now Offering Wholesale Lighters to Retailers

The producers of decorative candle lighters, Social Light, are now offering their line of wholesale lighters to retailers. The company has been successful with their resellers, who buy their decorative candle lighters wholesale, and resell online and through personal networking. Social... - July 13, 2011

Social Light Driving Traffic for Vendors Due to Wholesale Lighters

Website increases traffic and attracts interest for resellers - May 04, 2011

Social Light’s Wholesale Fireplace Lighters: New Trend for Sellers

Wholesale Lighters are popular and selling fast in an oversaturated seller’s market. - March 31, 2011

Social Light Refillable Butane Lighters Hit Gifts Stores and Online Shops

Social Lighter, the manufacturer and distributer of refillable butane lighters, known for their reusability and unique design, have exploded in interest as gift shops around the world and, have made them available to their customers. The refillable butane lighters are used as an alternative to the... - March 11, 2011

Social Lighters and Butane Lighter Refill Sales Soaring

Consumers feeling the cold winter crave the comfort of candle accessories. - February 18, 2011

Social Light Offers a High Quality Butane Lighter Refill for All Butane Lighters

Company opting for higher quality products in the consumer market. - January 07, 2011

Social Light’s Stylish Candle Accessories Spark Interest in Environmentally Conscious Consumer Market

Reusable and Refillable luxury candle lighter company promoting environmental stewardship - December 24, 2010

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