Social Light Refillable Butane Lighters Hit Gifts Stores and Online Shops

Vero Beach, FL, March 11, 2011 --( Social Lighter, the manufacturer and distributer of refillable butane lighters, known for their reusability and unique design, have exploded in interest as gift shops around the world and, have made them available to their customers.

The refillable butane lighters are used as an alternative to the plain and plastic barbeque lighter. The refillable butane lighter from Social Light has four designer lines of lighters to choose from, and they are suitable for both men and women.

The refillable butane lighter is used for lighting candles, fireplaces and the barbeque. The designs vary. Some have contrast stitching on a vinyl, easy to clean handle. Others with chrome mirror detailing and then there is the lighter accented with randomly placed Swarovski crystals. The refillable butane lighter is promoted through its environmentally and socially conscious manufacturing, lifelong usability, and easy to clean components.

Reviews on the refillable butane lighter, such as in the recent article on The Daily Page, vouch that the lighter is “elegant, child resistant and features an adjustable flame.” Sales on websites such as the and are realizing the value in Social Light’s refillable butane lighter as a gift item, as dictated by an increase in recent sales and demand.

When a product such as the refillable butane lighter is safe, long-lasting and intelligently designed, retailers are drawn to the easy sales potential for easily increasing their overall retail profits.

Social Lighters designs, manufactures and distributes refillable butane lighters. They can be visited at

Social Light
Deborah Darnell