Garbology Kids™ Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? Named Best Book Award Finalist

Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?, a children’s picture book, opens up the mysterious world of recycling to children by showing them what happens to recyclables after they are picked up at the curb. - November 06, 2011

Author Sabbithry Persad Releases Second Book in the Garbology Kids Series, "Operation: Reuse It!" Teaches Children About Reusing

"Young readers will learn about reusing in an engaging matter as the story of Operation: Reuse It! unfolds and the children think of creative ways to find new life for Mr. Ogilvy’s old stuff," —Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children. - October 18, 2011

Garbology Kids™ - Book, Tote & Tee Giveaway

Garbology Kids™ has a special promotion for a book, tote and t-shirt on for the release of “Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?” - March 16, 2011

Even Kids Can Do Their Part to "Erase Waste" - New Educational Picture Book Published by Firewater Media Group

Discover new educational picture book - Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?, the first in the Garbology Kids™ series, books that introduce children to waste diversion and disposal concepts through stories and hands-on activities. - March 06, 2011

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