Author Sabbithry Persad Releases Second Book in the Garbology Kids Series, "Operation: Reuse It!" Teaches Children About Reusing

"Young readers will learn about reusing in an engaging matter as the story of Operation: Reuse It! unfolds and the children think of creative ways to find new life for Mr. Ogilvy’s old stuff," —Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children.

New York, NY, October 18, 2011 --( Author Sabbithry has just released her second book in the Garbology Kids series, "Operation: Reuse It!"

The old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” reverberates throughout this book. Chock full of information, "Operation: Reuse It!" provides children with an engaging way to explore the many different ways to reuse. Persad says reusing is something people have been doing for centuries. With the rise in disposable products, there has been a drift away from reuse habits. The idea is to get children thinking about this age-old concept through an engaging story, facts and exercises at an early age.

Says Persad, “I hope children will play, explore, and pick up a few habits as they read the story. If they do, then perhaps I have helped in some way. The book was written in such a way that anyone could read it...Parents will take away a few things, too. Releasing the second book in the Garbology Kids series is a new and exciting step for me. Each time I attempt to broaden a horizon I have to take a deep breath.”

Persad had been working on the second book when she released her first book "Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?" earlier this year in April. The traditional Paperback version of her first book already had a five-star rating at

Both books in the Garbology Kids series are available through and through links at

Sabbithry Persad is the founder of Green Solutions Magazine and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Operation: Reuse It! and Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? are available for Retail Purchase at Retailers may order the Paperback version of both books through Independent Publisher’s Group with Firewater Media Group the publisher.

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