CFP® Board Accepted KESDEE's e-learning Courses for Continuing Education Credits

Several of KESDEE’s e-learning courses have been accepted by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. – CFP® for Continuing Education credits. - June 28, 2009

The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists® (ACAMS®) Has Approved KESDEE’s Anti-Money Laundering e-Learning Courses for CAMS Credits

ACAMS has approved KESDEE’s e-learning courses after a detail evaluation of the material presented to the certification department of ACAMS and their education and training department has agreed that these 6 courses meet their requirements and will earn each candidate a total of 3 CAMS credits when completed. - May 10, 2009

Federal Reserve Board Engages KESDEE Inc. to Develop and Deploy an e-Learning Portal Risk Management

The Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve System has selected KESDEE for developing a customized Knowledge Portal for Risk Management training. This program is geared to train examiners to identify, measure, monitor & control risks that arise as a consequence of a banking organization’s activities. This program is intended to develop a pool of examiners with sufficient capital markets knowledge to lead effective corporate-level & business line specific reviews. - September 27, 2008

KESDEE Announces Launch of Its e-Learning Courses on Bank Branch Management

KESDEE, well known for its e-Learning courses for the Banking & Financial Services Industry worldwide, has launched 12 course libraries on Bank Branch Management. - June 19, 2008

Institute of Certificate Bankers (ICB) Extends Accreditation to More of KESDEE’s e-Learning Courses

The Institute of Certified Bankers (ICB) has accredited around 300 of KESDEE’s e-Learning courses, ensuring its registered professionals instant and exhaustive access to e-learning courses that form the integrated curriculum for their Certification Courses. - April 28, 2008

KESDEE Launches a Comprehensive E-Learning Course Library on “Governance, Risk and Compliance”

KESDEE launched an exhaustive e-learning course library on ‘Governance, Risk and Compliance,’ consisting of seven courses. These courses provide knowledge and understanding of application of Governance, Risk and Compliance in the banking sector. - August 24, 2007

Indian Bank Launches KESDEE’s E-Learning Courses for Employees

Indian Bank in its Centenary Year has launched KESDEE’s e-learning courses for the benefit of its employees. This initiative will provide an additional avenue to staff for upgradation of skills, supplemental to the existing training system of the Bank. - July 12, 2007

KESDEE Launches a Comprehensive E-learning Course Library on Financial Planning

KESDEE has launched an exhaustive and interactive e-learning course library on ‘Financial Planning’, consisting of nine courses. The course developed, provides essential insight into planning “finance,” both as an individual saver, and as an investor. It is primarily targeted at individuals who want to improve their financial planning skills. - June 29, 2007

Western Asset Management Deploys KESDEE’s Financial E-learning Courses Through GeoLearning's Hosted LMS Suite

Western Asset Management, a Premier fixed income manager implements the GeoExpress(tm) on-demand LMS platform to deliver finance training programs from KESDEE. - June 08, 2007

KESDEE Launches e-learning Course On “UCP600 – New Rules for Letters of Credit”

KESDEE recently developed a comprehensive e-learning course on UCP600. This course has relevance to all parties involved with letters of credit but is especially aimed at exporters. The course highlights the changes that will have the greatest impact on letter of credit beneficiaries. - February 28, 2007

KESDEE Launches E-learning Course on Mutual Funds

KESDEE recently developed a comprehensive e-learning course library on Mutual Funds with 10 courses. The course provides an overall understanding of how equity & bond fund portfolios are managed. The courses are targeted at entry-level analysts, institutional salespersons, traders, portfolio managers and individual investors. - February 07, 2007

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