KESDEE Announces Launch of Its e-Learning Courses on Bank Branch Management

KESDEE, well known for its e-Learning courses for the Banking & Financial Services Industry worldwide, has launched 12 course libraries on Bank Branch Management.

San Diego, CA, June 19, 2008 --( Drawing from the rich experience of developing e-learning courses, this course group is designed keeping in mind the full spectrum of Bank Branch Management from the perspective of finance and banking professional. Prepared by best-in-class industry practitioners, these courses combine the academic rigor with an in-depth understanding of how Banks work and function in the real world.

This course group is a thorough compendium of 36 courses organized into 12 course libraries, which are:

BBM Deposits – 4 courses
BBM Advances – 7 courses
BBM Marketing – 3 courses
BBM Foreign Exchange Operations – 3 courses
BBM Payment & Settlement System – 2 courses
BBM Trade Finance – 2 courses
BMM Bookkeeping & Accounting – 3 courses
BBM HRM & CSR – 2 courses
BBM Retail Banking – 3 courses
BBM Risk Management – 3 courses
BBM Technology & Security – 2 courses
BBM Ancillary Services – 2 courses

These e-learning courses on Bank Branch Management acts as a practical guide, which aids understanding of a Bank Branch. This is a complete package of learning solution that covers courses on all aspects like Development, Organization, Supervision, Execution and Support Strategies of a typical Bank Branch.

The courses are designed in a dynamic and highly interactive format interspersed with simulations and case studies. Exercises and Quizzes combine to make your learning a thorough experience. This On-line learning methodology comes handy when you want to learn at your own pace and convenience.

The level of courses is basic to intermediate. Apart from the Finance and Banking Professional, this course can also be taken up by anyone interested in learning about the working of a Bank Branch. This course promises to be an Add-On on your Know-How of Bank Branch Management.

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