My Secret Sexy: The Web Series All New Season 2

Real Estate Agent, Lillian Fischer, is a woman who has it all--including a little secret that would make the neighbors blush. While the working world dreads Mondays, Lillian sees them as the day she gets to unleash her alter-ego: Evelyn Fearless, host of the adult online radio Odyssey X, where she dazzles fans with her frank and amusing reviews of adult toys. - January 17, 2013 Announces Wrap of First Season of My Secret Sexy

Real estate agent, Lillian Fischer has a big secret -- a very sexy secret. Lillian loves sex toys, enough that she's created an undercover alter ego, Evelyn Fearless, host of the popular live online radio show, Odyssey X. Evelyn provides titillating reviews of sex toys to a cadre of devoted... - March 19, 2012

My Secret Sexy: The Web Series - Mid-Season Extravaganza

My Secret Sexy: The Life of an Undercover Sex Toy Reviewer, the new web series by Strawberry Wonder Kiss, has released its fifth episode this past week and things are really heating up. The show, written and directed by Cherie Sanders and sponsored by, follows the secret... - December 15, 2011

My Secret Sexy: The Web Series - Official Show Launch

Popular adult sex toy website,, announces the launch of their new web comedy series, My Secret Sexy: The Life of an Undercover Sex Toy Reviewer, which is scheduled for release every other Tuesday at beginning in October. The show's adult based humor is... - October 19, 2011

My Secret Sexy: the Web Series IndieGoGo Crowd-Funding Kick-Off

Everyone has secrets; only some require more batteries than others. Strawberry Wonder Kiss films and producer, Cherie Sanders, announces the launch of IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign, "Operation Up Yours" at for her new comedy web series, My Secret... - September 21, 2011

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