My Secret Sexy: The Web Series - Mid-Season Extravaganza

Tampa, FL, December 15, 2011 --( My Secret Sexy: The Life of an Undercover Sex Toy Reviewer, the new web series by Strawberry Wonder Kiss, has released its fifth episode this past week and things are really heating up. The show, written and directed by Cherie Sanders and sponsored by, follows the secret passion of Real Estate agent by day, adult toy reviewer by night, Lillian Fischer.

The series explores the sexy secret Lillian Fischer hides from everyone, including her conservative but ever faithful husband Keith. My Secret Sexy: The Life of an Undercover Sex Toy Reviewer, takes a lighthearted look at the lengths some people go to avoid being judged or ostracized for having a sexy secret. The series, which can be viewed on the website, the website, Vimeo or YouTube, has found a loyal audience after only five episodes.

Donning her alter-ego as Evelyn Fearless, Real Estate agent Lillian Fischer hosts Odyssey X, a once a week internet radio broadcast where she expresses her deep love for adult toys. Lillian, a.k.a Evelyn Fearless, manages to keep her sexy secret hidden from everyone in her daily world...but for how long? When Joe, an adult toy store owner, starts using her reviews without her consent, her secret sexy world begins to crumble. The first season of My Secret Sexy: The Life of an Undercover Sex Toy Reviewer, focuses on introducing the audience to a cast of complex and quirky characters we can all identify with in one way or another. The problems and struggles faced by Lillian/Evelyn on the Strawberry Wonder Kiss series have found a receptive audience that relates to her attempts to keep her two worlds separate.

Viewer response has inspired My Secret Sexy creator, Cherie Sanders, to expand the cast of characters for next season while continuing to explore Lillian/Evelyn's conflicting world. Of course, the show will also continue to bring laughs and a comedic spin to the often serious topic of adult toys.

The My Secret Sexy web series can be viewed on,, YouTube or Vimeo. Additional information regarding the show, as well as past episodes, can be found on


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