Nanion Introduces NPC-Certified Cell Lines

Nanion now introduces “Nanion Approved Cells” where commercially available cell lines from several providers have been evaluated and certified based on cell and platform performance for automated patch clamp. - November 10, 2012

Nanion Introduces the Orbit 16 – a Pioneering Device for Parallel Lipid Bilayer Recordings

Nanion announces the introduction of a completely new product line for efficient analysis of bilayer-reconstituted ion channels and nanopores. The first of these, the Orbit 16, allows for automated formation of, and recordings from 16 bilayers in parallel, combining efficient data generation and ultra-high data quality. The Orbit 16 takes the pain out of bilayer recordings and facilitates efficient data generation through 16 parallel recordings. - February 24, 2012

Nanion Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary - Still with a Strong Focus on New Innovations

Today, Nanion celebrates 10 years of innovation, scientific product development and successful roll-outs of several product families. Nanion is a success story of organic, revenue-based company growth and dedicated young professionals. - January 17, 2012

Nanion Opens New Branch in China

Today, Nanion announces the opening of yet another branch. To meet the needs of the rapidly expanding number of customers in China, the dedicated sales- and support team in Beijing now opens the doors to Nanion Technologies China. - October 26, 2011

Nanion's Automated Patch Clamp Platforms Show Unparalleled Results Using Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes

The Patchliner and the SyncroPatch 96 have successfully been used for compound analysis under current- and voltage clamp recording conditions using different stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes. The exceptional cell-platform-compatibility and the unique experimental possibilities offered by Nanion’s platforms open up whole new avenues for compound safety testing. - September 18, 2011

Nanion is Winner of the Deutscher Gruenderpreis 2009

During the award ceremony in Berlin, Nanion was announced winner of the Deutscher Gründerpreis 2009. The Deutscher Gründerpreis is the most important award for outstanding entrepreneurs in Germany. The prize includes a coaching by Porsche Consulting and a mentorship for Nanion. The mentor for Nanion is Dr. Jürgen Heraeus, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Heraeus Holding. - July 05, 2009

Nanion and Axiogenesis Present Parallel Patch Clamp Recordings of Action Potentials from Cor.At Cardiomyocytes

Stem cell derived cardiomyocytes were analyzed using Nanion’s automated patch clamp systems, the Patchliner and the Port-a-Patch to validate ion channel composition, the presence of action potentials and the effect of compounds on cardiac ion channels. - June 25, 2009

Nanion Nominated for the German Industry’s Innovation Award

Nanion is again nominated for a prestigious innovation award, due its impressive product portfolio of automated patch clamp systems. More than 350 companies competed in this year’s Innovation Award and Nanion is finalist in the category “Start-Up Companies.” - January 23, 2009

Nanion Increases Throughput and Cuts Costs with a New Industrial 96-Channel Patch Clamp Screening Robot

Today, Nanion announces the late-stage development of a new automated patch clamp platform: the SyncroPatch 96. Developed to meet the throughput demands of industrial ion channel drug screening and safety profiling, and with a price-per-data-point compatible with screening standards, the SyncroPatch 96 will offer the highest throughput in the market for high quality HTS-oriented ion channel screening. - November 20, 2008

Nanion's Technology Nominated for Presidential Innovation Award

Nanion's Planar Patch Clamp Technology has been nominated for the German Future Award 2007 - October 13, 2007

Automated Internal Perfusion for the Port-a-Patch

Nanion Technologies introduces the Internal Perfusion System for the Port-a-Patch; a completely unique device for rapid, continuous and automated exchange of internal solutions during patch clamp recordings. Using the internal perfusion system, ion channels regulated by internal binding sites... - February 27, 2007

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