Nanion Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary - Still with a Strong Focus on New Innovations

Today, Nanion celebrates 10 years of innovation, scientific product development and successful roll-outs of several product families. Nanion is a success story of organic, revenue-based company growth and dedicated young professionals.

Munich, Germany, January 17, 2012 --( 10 years ago, Nanion Technologies started out in a small loft at the Institute of Physiology of Ludwig-Maximilian’s University in Munich. Since then, Nanion has grown from 2 to 40 employees and has successfully launched and established four different product families for ion channel drug discovery and research.

The Port-a-Patch - launched in 2003 - was Nanion’s first product, and is known as the world’s smallest patch clamp rig. It earned great acclaim by making patch clamp accessible to non-experts. The fully automated patch clamp robots, the Patchliner (2006) and SyncroPatch 96 (2010), have been well received within the pharmaceutical industry because of the high data quality, cost-efficiency and experimental flexibility offered. The platforms are also employed for top-notch academic research, resulting in publications in journals such as Nature, Nature Protocol, Science Signalling and PNAS.

Nanion is a strongly innovation-driven company with several product launches planned for 2012.

Dr. Niels Fertig, co-founder and CEO of Nanion, says:

“Nanion’s strong and sustained growth is based on innovative technology, high performance instrumentation and close customer relations. It has been a really exciting journey gradually turning from start-up into a more mature company with everything that it entails. We are extremely happy about, thankful for and proud of what we have achieved so far and very much look forward to the next decade of product development, science and business growth!”

Michael George, CTO and co-owner of Nanion Technologies continues:

“2012 will be a thrilling year, with several different new products in the pipeline. At Nanion, innovation never ends. This is true as much for brand new ideas and concepts as for existing products. Our customers continue to inspire us to develop hardware and software allowing novel experimental possibilities or just making life easier for the every-day-user. It is very rewarding to get the feedback that we are developing state-of-the-art products enabling completely new strategies for ion channel screening and research.”

About Nanion Technologies:
Nanion Technologies GmbH is a German, privately held, limited company, founded in 2002 as a spin-off from the Center for Nanoscience (CeNS) of the University of Munich, Germany. Nanion’s team has developed and globally established three successful automated patch clamp instruments as enabling tools for sophisticated and high throughput applications for ion channel research and drug discovery.

Nanion's high quality instruments employ planar patch clamp chips which replace the traditional glass pipette used in the conventional patch clamp technique. In 2009 Nanion was awarded the German Founders Award (Gründerpreis), and the Innovation Prize Step Award. In 2012, Nanion celebrates its 10th anniversary. Nanion has two subsidiaries: Nanion Technologies Inc., North Brunswick, NJ, USA, opened in 2009, and Nanion Technologies China, opened in 2011.

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