Ram Coolers Introduces New Models for Industrial Coolers and Jumbo Coolers to Cater Export and Domestic Demand

With the launch of Ind 1500 knockdown model of industrial cooler, Ram Coolers has made the shipment of large cooler for domestic and export market convenient and economical. Other than the knockdown model, company has also added Jumbo coolers to expand its portfolio of large coolers. - September 02, 2013

Ram Coolers Introduces Special Breathe Easy Cooling Pads for All Cooler Models

Breathe Easy Cooling Pad introduced by Ram Coolers makes the air-cooler more efficient and gives longer life to the cooling pads. This innovative feature of special pads is widely being appreciated in the market. - March 02, 2013

Ram Coolers Enters Hyderabad Market by Opening Company Showroom

Ram Cooler, the leading brand of coolers in the central India, announces the opening of Ram Marketing at Hyderabad, the first company operated showroom of Ram Coolers outside Nagpur. Ram Marketing will focus on Ram Coolers as well as Ram Almirahs to offer quality product and after-sales services to the customers in Hyderabad. - February 18, 2013

Ram Cooler Introduces Special Lean-Season Offer to Attract Air Cooler Buyers

Ram Cooler, the leading brand of coolers in the central India, announces limited period offer on all the models ranging from small room coolers to desert cooler and duct coolers. These offers range from price discounts to extended warranty period and buy back offers for customers. - November 20, 2011

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