Desmond Morris Talks Candidly to Web of Stories About His Life and Career

Zoologist, writer and surrealist painter, Desmond Morris, has many ‘firsts’ to his name. In 1950, he shared his first London exhibition of surrealist paintings with the acclaimed Spanish artist, Joan Miró. He, Morris, was the first person to observe artistic abilities in a... - November 22, 2014

Oscar-Winning Screenwriter, Biographer, Short-Story Writer and Critic Frederic Raphael Celebrates His 83rd Birthday

As novelist, Oscar-winning screenwriter, biographer, short-story writer and critic Frederic Raphael celebrates his 83rd birthday, Web of Stories is proud to release over 100 insightful recordings recounting his life and work. - September 18, 2014

Physicist Freeman Dyson, Who Has Recorded Stories of His Life and Work with Web of Stories, Celebrates His 90th Birthday

Born in England on 15 December 1923, Freeman Dyson graduated from Cambridge University in 1945 with a BA in mathematics. In 1947, he moved to the USA where he went to work at Cornell University and, later, at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. - December 11, 2013

Oliver Sacks Celebrates His 80th Birthday

As world-renowned British neurologist Oliver Sacks celebrates his 80th birthday on 9 July, he remains one of the most prolific names in his field. Web of Stories is proud to present a range of insightful recordings as Sacks recounts memories of his life and work. - July 10, 2013

70th Anniversary of the Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto Recorded for Web of Stories by the Last Surviving Commander of the Uprising, Marek Edelman

As 19 April marks the 70th anniversary of the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto, Web of Stories is proud to share a rare, first-hand account of this pivotal moment in history with exclusive footage of Marek Edelman, one of the last commanders of the uprising, sharing his life story. - April 17, 2013

American Writer Philip Roth Shares with Web of Stories Details of His Life and Work on His 80th Birthday

As he celebrates his 80th birthday on 19 March 2013, renowned American writer Philip Roth shares with Web of Stories intimate and enthralling details of his life and work. - March 20, 2013

It's 60 Years Since the Discovery of the Structure of DNA

What better way to mark the occasion than to watch Noble prize-winning biologists Crick and Watson recount their memories of this groundbreaking work in a series of compelling recordings on the Web of Stories website. - February 27, 2013

Erratum: Web of Stories Hosts New Videos of Microbiologist Leonard Hayflick, Who Produced the First Oral Polio Vaccine Made in a Continuously Propagated Cell Strain

Best known for his pioneering research on the ageing process, Leonard Hayflick is an internationally recognised microbiologist whose work has revolutionised cell biology. Web of Stories presents a comprehensive and insightful video archive of the man behind the "Hayflick limit." - December 01, 2012

Watch the Life Stories of Leonard Hayflick: Web of Stories Hosts Brand New Videos of the Microbiologist Who Produced the First Oral Polio Vaccine

Best known for his pioneering research on the aging process, Leonard Hayflick is an internationally recognised microbiologist whose work has revolutionised cell biology. Web of Stories presents a comprehensive and insightful video archive of the man behind the "Hayflick limit." - November 30, 2012

As Oliver Sacks Releases His Latest Book, 'Hallucinations', This Week, Discover More About the Author and Neurologist on Web of Stories

As Awakenings author Oliver Sacks releases his latest book, Hallucinations, this month, discover more about the man and his ground-breaking work as he shares personal memories about his life with Web of Stories. - November 08, 2012

To Coincide with Sotheby’s George Daniels Auction, Web of Stories is Selling the Remaining Numbered Copies of the Legendary Watchmaker’s Collectible Autobiography

As legendary watchmaker George Daniels’ entire personal collection goes under the hammer at Sotheby’s on 6 November, now is the time to buy a slice of history and find out more about the man behind the dials. - November 01, 2012

This Year Marks the 50th Anniversary of James Bond Movies. Web of Stories Presents a Video Archive of Bond's Production Designer and Oscar Winner Sir Ken Adam.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise which began in 1962 with the innovative Dr No. To celebrate, you can watch the legendary production designer Sir Ken Adam’s videos on Web of Stories where he shares his behind-the-scenes memories of the iconic movie brand. - October 04, 2012

Cinematographer Wolfgang Suschitzky This Week Celebrates His 100th Birthday. Web of Stories Presents a Video Archive of the BAFTA Winning Photographer.

Wolfgang Suschitzky, the Austrian-born cinematographer, celebrates his 100th birthday this week. To mark his life and career, Web of Stories is proud to present a wonderful video archive of "Su," which traces his earliest memories of Vienna through to his work on the 1971 movie Get Carter. - August 30, 2012

Watch the Life Stories of Brian Sewell: Web of Stories Hosts Brand New Recordings of Britain’s Most Famous and Controversial Art Critic

Described as "Britain’s most famous and controversial art critic," Brian Sewell is as well known for his acerbic wit and scathing critiques as those whose work he reviews. Discover more about his life by watching his truly insightful video stories, told in his own unique style, at Web of Stories. - July 14, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Hits the Big Screen on 3 July, so Discover More About Comic Book Mastermind Stan Lee, as He Shares the Stories of His Creations with Web of Stories

As The Amazing Spider-Man hits the big screen on 3 July, American comic book writer Stan Lee is once again propelled into the spotlight. Find out more about the man who brought us Spider-Man, X-Men and The Hulk as he shares the stories of his creations in his own words at Web of Stories. - July 04, 2012

George Daniels' Collection of Vintage Cars to be Auctioned at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Web of Stories Hosts the Video Recordings of the Master Watchmaker.

As his outstanding collection of vintage motor cars goes under the hammer at Goodwood Festival of Speed this week, Web of Stories celebrates the life and work of legendary English watchmaker, George Daniels. - June 30, 2012

The National Science Museum's New Exhibition This Week Marks the Centenary of Alan Turing's Birth. Web of Stories Hosts the Video Recordings from Those Who Knew Him Best.

Described as a completely original free-thinker, Alan Turing (23 June 1912 – 7 June 1954) was an English mathematician, logician, wartime codebreaker and computer pioneer, credited with masterminding the computer age. In 1936, Turing formulated his ideas for the creation of the Turing Machine, the philosophical principles of which power every computer and smartphone today. - June 23, 2012

Web of Stories Releases Brand New Video Recordings of Award-Winning American Writer, Philip Roth as He Recounts, with Light-Hearted Honesty, Elements of His Life and Work

Born March 1933 in the US, Roth is one of the world’s most prolific writers, both celebrated and controversial. He’s best known for his 1969 novel Portnoy's Complaint and late-1990s trilogy comprising the Pulitzer Prize-winning American Pastoral (1997), I Married a Communist (1998) and The Human Stain (2000). His popularity stems from the frank explorations of Jewish-American life he portrays in his novels, combining a strong autobiographical element with social commentary and political satire. - May 30, 2012

London's National Gallery First Opened to the Public 10 May 1824. Watch Architects Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown, at Web of Stories Discuss How They Designed It

The National Gallery was created when the British government bought 38 paintings from the heirs of John Julius Angerstein in 1823, and it now houses more than 2,300 paintings dating from the mid-13th century to 1900 including works by Raphael, Titian and Da Vinci. - May 12, 2012

Friday 13 April Marked the Fourth Anniversary of the Death of John Wheeler, One of the World’s Most Influential Physicists. Watch His Video Stories at Web of Stories

Friday 13 April marked the fourth anniversary of the death of John Wheeler, one of the world’s most influential physicists. Web of Stories was fortunate enough to capture Wheeler discussing his work in his own words and these fascinating clips can be seen on the website. - April 16, 2012

Nobel Prize Winner James Watson Celebrates His 84th Birthday on 6 April. Watch Him Discuss Pivotal Moments from His Illustrious Career at Web of Stories.

Nobel Prize winner James Watson celebrates his 84th birthday on 6 April and the public can watch him discuss pivotal moments from his illustrious career, including one of the most celebrated scientific achievements of a generation, in a series of compelling in-depth recordings at Web of Stories. - April 05, 2012

"Jonas Mekas & Robert Polidori: Portraits" Exhibition Gains Critical Acclaim at New York’s Edwynn Houk Gallery - Watch Mekas Share His Life Story with Web of Stories

Born in Lithuania in 1922, Jonas Mekas has a fascinating story to tell. After escaping from a Nazi labour camp in 1945, he and his brother moved to New York in 1949 where, two weeks later, he acquired a Bolex camera and began the obsession with filming the details of his life. Best known for his work as a filmmaker, poet, philosopher and curator, Mekas is often referred to as "the godfather of American avant-garde cinema." - March 29, 2012

It's World Poetry Day on Weds 21 March and Web of Stories is Releasing a Brand New Video Interview with Award-Winning Lithuanian Poet Tomas Venclova

To celebrate World Poetry Day on Wednesday 21 March, a day of recognition for the importance of poetry across the world, Web of Stories is releasing brand new recordings of Lithuanian award-winning poet Tomas Venclova reflecting on his writing and the spellbinding stories of his life. - March 23, 2012

The National Portrait Gallery Unveils a New Portrait of Scientist and Environmentalist James Lovelock. Watch Him Recount the Memories of His Life's Work at Web of Stories

As a new portrait of scientist and environmentalist James Lovelock goes on display in the National Portrait Gallery, watch him recount, in enthralling detail, memories of his life’s work. - March 16, 2012

Italian Biologist Renato Dulbecco Has Died at His Home in California Aged 97 - Watch the Video Interview of His Incredible Life Story at Web of Stories

Italian biologist Renato Dulbecco has died at his home in California aged 97. Joint recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1975 for furthering the understanding of cancer caused by viruses, Dulbecco had also created a vaccine using a mutant form of the polio virus and had played a significant role in initiating the Human Genome Project. - February 23, 2012

John Maynard Smith, Renowned Environmental Biologist and Geneticist, Shares His Views on the Creation of Dolly the Sheep with Web of Stories

Dolly the Sheep made headlines around the world when news broke that the first mammal had been successfully cloned. To mark the anniversary of her death on 14 February, 2003, watch the late John Maynard Smith, renowned environmental biologist and geneticist, share his views on her creation and reflect on his highly influential career. - February 22, 2012

Ernst Mayr Talks to Web of Stories About the Famous Evolutionary Biologist Charles Darwin

To celebrate the birthday of the most famous biologist in history, Charles Darwin, on 12 February, visit the Web of Stories video recordings of the award-winning evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr who shares his thoughts on Darwin’s remarkable, world-changing theories. - February 12, 2012

31 January 1950 President Truman Gave the Order to Create the Hydrogen Bomb. At Web of Stories Listen to Physicist Edward Teller Share His Story About His Involvement.

Edward Teller, the late Hungarian-American physicist, is famous for having helped to develop the atomic bomb and providing the theoretical framework for the hydrogen bomb. His long and, at times, controversial career spanned decades, leaving behind him a legacy, including contributions to nuclear and molecular physics, spectroscopy and surface physics, that remains relevant today. - February 01, 2012

Web of Stories Presents Oscar-Winning Cinematographer Billy Williams Sharing His Incredible Experiences, Including Working with Screen Siren Ava Gardner

Anniversary of Ava Gardner’s death on 25th January 1990. Would have been her 90th Birthday this year (b. 24th December 1922). Billy Williams talks about working with Ava on the film "The Ballad of Tam Lin". Robert Burns (Scottish poet), the author of the poem that the film is based on, was also born on January 25th - the same date Ava Gardner died. "The Ballad of Tam Lin" was directed by Roddy McDowall and produced by Alan Ladd Jr. and Stanley Mann. - January 26, 2012

Watch Quentin Blake Tell His Life Story and How He Started Work on the As Large As Life Exhibition at London's Foudling Museum at

An exhibition entitled As Large as Life by Quentin Blake, the much loved illustrator of many of Roald Dahl’s books, has opened at London’s Foundling Museum. The exhibition shows 60 previously unseen works specially commissioned by four hospitals in the UK and in France. The series took five years to complete and coincides with the recent release of a commemorative collection of stamps depicting Blake's most famous illustrations used in the Roald Dahl classics. - January 21, 2012

On Tuesday 10th January, Donald Ervin Knuth, the American Computing Pioneer and Author of the Classic the Art of Computer Programming, Celebrates His 74th Birthday

Four years ago, Knuth set aside a couple of days to record, in great depth, the story of his life and work for posterity. Web of Stories offers you the chance to watch the interview in its entirety, free of charge, at, a huge online archive of video stories told by many of the most creative minds of our time. - January 11, 2012

To Honour the 110th Birthday of the Late Walt Disney, Web of Stories Presents a Video Life Story of One of Walt Disney's Most Talented Animators, Mr Jules Engel

December 5th marked the 110th birthday of the late Walter Elias 'Walt' Disney, the American film producer, animator and co-founder of the Walt Disney Company. Web of Stories proudly presents a video recording of the life story of one of Walt Disney's most talented animators, Jules Engel. Here, he talks about his time at Disney, co-founding the United Productions of America (UPA) studio, and Format Films where he produced Mr Magoo and the popular US series The Alvin Show and The Lone Ranger. - December 07, 2011

The Author of Chemistry of the Elements, Emeritus Professor Norman Greenwood Shares His Video Life Story with Web of Stories

Greenwood and Earnshaw's "Chemistry of the Elements" has today been translated into several European and Asian languages, and is widely regarded around the world as being one of the most influential chemistry bibles of our time. Web of Stories is delighted to share Professor Norman Greenwood’s video life story from his childhood in Australia, being a PhD student at Cambridge University under the direction of Harry Emeleus, to his present status of Emeritus Professor of Chemistry. - December 02, 2011

Alice Herz-Sommer, the Renowned Czech pianist and the Oldest Known Survivor of the Holocaust and the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, Celebrates Her 108th Birthday

Alice Herz-Sommer, the renowned Czech pianist and the oldest known survivor of the Holocaust and the Theresienstadt (Terezin) concentration camp, celebrates her 108th birthday this weekend. To honour her extra-ordinary life, Web of Stories is proud to present a wonderful video archive of Alice Herz-Sommer's first-hand experiences at Theresienstadt and how music helped her survive. The video stories are available free of charge for everyone to view at - November 25, 2011

Web of Stories Announces the Availability of a Series of Videos of Sir Ken Adam Talking Candidly About His Life and Career from Childhood to the Present Day

Sir Ken Adam pioneered the art of production design and created some of the world's most celebrated and iconic sets which include the war room of Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove and, in 1977, the supertanker set of The Spy Who Loved Me, which became the largest sound set the world had ever seen. Sir Ken Adam paved the way for British and international cinematic design, and has set the standard with a career spanning seven decades and over 75 films. - November 23, 2011

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