Blackwater Workplace Threats Training

According to OSHA, nearly 2 million American Workers are victims of violence in the workplace each year. Proper response can mean the difference between life or death. This 4-hour digital training will teach you how to observe behavorial characteristics, properly react to situations, enhance your perception skills, report and document situations in the workplace, and establish prevention and deterrence techniques. - August 05, 2009

Blackwater Tactical LifeSaver Kit

Backup Training has the announced the introduction of its Blackwater Tactical LifeSaver Kit for law enforcement and first responders. This kit combines an intense 4 hour Tactical LifeSaver Training Course along with a LifeSaver blowout kit. The LifeSaving kit is not designed to turn officers into medics, but rather, to teach the time-critical skills and provide tools that may permit survival long enough for victims to obtain definitive medical care. - July 13, 2009 Alcohol Training Website Launched

Backup Training, a leading computer-based training company has launched a new training website - www. for online alcohol servers, retailers and other establishments. This website will provide convenient and affordable, 24x7 online training plus documentation and tracking tools for management. - June 29, 2008

Training Company Allies with Major Security Contractor

The Backup Training Corporation has announced a new alliance with security contractor, Blackwater USA, to combine efforts in providing digital learning and tactical training to law enforcement, government agencies and military units throughout the world. - April 21, 2007

Free Critical Training Course for Law Enforcement

A new version of The Backup Training Corporation's computer based course Patrol Response to Active Shooters has been released. The course is available free to sworn law enforcement officers in the USA. - March 02, 2007

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