SendThisFile Enhances iOS Compatibility for Personal File Sending

SendThisFile® today is announcing improved support for Apple iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, enabling users to send large files to today's most popular mobile devices. The update gives file downloaders the ability to playback audio and video files as they are being downloaded, without... - March 23, 2013

SendThisFile Announces New Features for Users with Slow Internet Connections

SendThisFile® today is announcing two new features for users with slow Internet connections; download accelerator compatibility and resuming interrupted file downloads. - March 22, 2013

SendThisFile® Supports Open Source Development Community

SendThisFile® today is announcing open source community support by providing mirrored download file servers for Apache and Mozilla software. Open source software projects rely upon exact copies of their website, called mirrors, to be hosted by third parties. "SendThisFile's file transfer... - March 16, 2013

SendThisFile® Announces Full Compliance with Massachusetts Privacy Law

SendThisFile® today announces full compliance with Massachusett privacy law. The state of Massachusetts recently enacted laws seeking to protect consumers from identity theft and fraud by placing liability on companies for security breaches and consumer information leaks. "Early on we... - March 13, 2013

SendThisFile Lifts File Sharing Barriers by Allowing Free File Downloads with No Account

SendThisFile® today is announcing the ability to download shared files without an account. With SendThisFile, users can send large files online by uploading files to secure file servers, and then sharing the file download links. "Our competitors require an account for their website before... - March 09, 2013

SendThisFile® Increases Productivity for Legal Transcriptionists with Online File Transfers

SendThisFile® today is announcing increased productivity for legal transcriptionists with online transfers. As knowledge workers, legal transcriptionists routinely process large audio files and convert them into text-based transcriptions for court records. By offering secure online file... - March 08, 2013

SendThisFile Enables Fast File Transfers with Download Accelerator Compatibility

SendThisFile® today is announcing increased compatibility with download accelerator software, enabling faster file downloads for its file sharing service. "Our commitment to let customers send large files to anyone, anywhere continues with download accelerator compatibility," said... - January 17, 2013

SendThisFile Extends Business File Transfer Platform to iOS 6

SendThisFile® today is announcing iOS 6 compatibility with its online file transfer service. The recent update of iOS 6 allows SendThisFile business customers to send large files using the mobile Safari web browser. - December 21, 2012

SendThisFile Boosts Security with 256-Bit Encryption

SendThisFile® today is announcing increased file security using 256-bit AES encryption security for its file sharing service. The system update boosts file storage protection to all SendThisFile file servers, using military-grade encryption to improve privacy for SendThisFile... - December 15, 2012

SendThisFile Achieves 99.995% Service Uptime

SendThisFile® today announces file transfer service uptime of 99.995%, allowing users to reliably send large files. Service uptime measures the time that a computer system has been functional and available for use. During the first 10 months of 2012 SendThisFile services, consisting of core... - December 15, 2012

SendThisFile Announces iOS6 Compatibility

SendThisFile® today is announcing iOS 6 compatibility with its file sharing service. - December 10, 2012

SendThisFile Celebrates the Company’s Nine Year Anniversary

SendThisFile® today celebrates its nine year anniversary as an industry leader providing managed file transfers to millions of users. As an early file sharing provider SendThisFile began providing a free way to send large files in October of 2003. After a rapid growth of new users, the service... - November 28, 2012

SendThisFile Brings File Sharing to Google Chrome for Mobile

SendThisFile® today is announcing full compatibility with Google’s mobile Chrome browser, expanding access to millions of Android and iOS devices. - November 16, 2012

SendThisFile Boosts File Sharing Capacity 43 Percent

SendThisFile® today is announcing it has increased file sharing capacity over 43 percent to meet demand for its online file sharing service. "Due to our tremendous growth, we have expanded our file serving capacity 43% over previous levels," said John Stephens, SendThisFile VP of... - November 02, 2012

SendThisFile Gives Users Total Customization Over Branded Forms

SendThisFile today is announcing the ability to easily configure the content and layout of Branded Forms. Branded Forms allow SendThisFile customers to embed file sending capabilities into their public website or private intranet, allowing visitors to upload and send large files from a web browser... - October 17, 2012

SendThisFile's Branded Forms Give Users Total Access Control

SendThisFile® today is announcing the ability to create administrators unique to each Branded Form. A user with administrator privileges is able to manage who can access and use a Branded Form to send large files. Branded Forms allow SendThisFile customers to embed file sending capabilities... - October 06, 2012

Sendthisfile Frees User Data with Exportable File Transfer Reports

SendThisFile® today is announcing the ability to export file transfer activity logs for Custom Upload Forms. Custom Upload Forms allow SendThisFile customers to embed file sending capabilities into their public website or private intranet, allowing visitors to upload and send large files(... - September 28, 2012

SendThisFile Releases Plug-in Application for Outlook Users

SendThisFile® today is announcing a new plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2010 email users. SendThisFile's plug-in enables Windows users to send large files directly from Outlook without having to switch to a different program or website. - September 26, 2012

SendThisFile Enables Users to Brand Email

SendThisFile®today is announcing that users are able to create custom email templates to match their brand. SendThisFile lets users send large files ( by sharing download links. Through each step of the file sending process, file notifications alert the user and... - September 24, 2012

SendThisFile Increases Productivity with Transfer Auto-Resume

SendThisFile today is announcing automatic resume file upload functionality, allowing customers to resume a file transfer once their Internet connection is reestablished. "Transfer auto-resume is a boon for customers who frequently send large files (," said... - August 04, 2012

SendThisFile Gives Enterprise Customers Unlimited Users at No Extra Charge

SendThisFile, a managed file transfer service, today is announcing that enterprise customers can host an unlimited number of users with an Enterprise plan. SendThisFile Enterprise plans enable a company's employees to send large files both internally within their company, and externally to... - July 22, 2012

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