SendThisFile Enhances iOS Compatibility for Personal File Sending

Wichita, KS, March 23, 2013 --( SendThisFile® today is announcing improved support for Apple iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, enabling users to send large files to today's most popular mobile devices. The update gives file downloaders the ability to playback audio and video files as they are being downloaded, without having to wait until the download is complete.

"The ability to play files as they are being downloaded gets users using files right away," said John Stephens, SendThisFile VP of Operations. "This improves efficiency for end users, who can quickly verify the file and start playback."

Users who send large files will appreciate the improved usability for file downloaders.

"Movies, music, and other audio files can start playing soon after download has begun," said Scott Sexton, SendThisFile VP of Business Development. "Users are able to access files on the go with their phone or tablet, while away from the office."

The improved compatibility adds to the previous system update that allowed users to send large files from their iOS devices using SendThisFile's Classic file sending mode.

Improved iOS device playback is available to all SendThisFile customers today for free.

About SendThisFile:

Since 2003 SendThisFile, Inc. has been an industry leader in providing managed file transfers to its clients. Its service provides an uncomplicated and secure way for computer users to send large files that are too big for typical email servers. With over 1.6 million users served and more than 63 million files transferred and customers in over 160 countries, SendThisFile is a proven and reliable partner for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and individual users.

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