The Natural Perfumery Group on Yahoo! is Celebrating Its Tenth Anniversary as the World's Largest Natural Perfumery Educational and Community Resource

On June 14, 2002, natural perfumer Anya McCoy founded the Natural Perfumery group on Yahoo!. She had several goals in mind: promote the ideals of 100% natural perfume; establish files, links, databases, archives and other materials that would establish a strong educational foundation for members; and hold standards of friendly discussion and respect for other's ideas paramount to maintain a helpful, sharing group. The group now has over 2300 members, and those goals have been met and surpassed. - June 14, 2012

Definition of Natural Isolates for Fragrance Determined by Members of the Natural Perfumers Guild by a Majority Vote

The Natural Perfumers Guild, the world’s largest organization for natural perfumery, is defining the scope of natural aromatics in accord with the vision of our art. Natural isolates are aromatics consisting of odor molecules from natural materials. Members voted on what constitutes a natural isolate to meet challenges to the "naturalness" of isolates. The Guild position serves to guide members and to assure the public of the Guild’s commitment to high standards of the art of natural perfumery. - May 15, 2012

Noted French Natural Perfume Company Honoré des Prés Joins the Natural Perfumers Guild

Honoré des Prés’s perfumer Olivia Giacobetti’s is recognized as attaining Professional Perfumer status in the Guild. - January 06, 2012

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