BBB Offers Tips to Protect Credit and Debit Cards

The Better Business Bureau gives advice on how to protect credit and debit cards from identity theft. More than 11 million id thefts occurred last year. - April 15, 2010

Courtney Smith Joins BBB of Eastern North Carolina

Courtney Smith joins BBB as their communication and public relations specialist. - July 23, 2009

BBB Warns of Profiteers Selling Celebrity Memorabilia

Enterprising individuals seek to capitalize on recent celebrity deaths by selling memorabilia and commemorative items at premium prices. Most memorabilia and commemorative items being sold are only sentimental. The true value of collectibles is dependent on the rarity of the item, and mass-produced commemorative items are not likely to appreciate in value. - July 04, 2009

BBB of Eastern NC Offers Tips to Protect Identity

Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina is offering advice to help consumers protect themselves against identity theft. In addition, BBB is hosting a free document shredding event on April 18. - April 14, 2009

BBB Explains Stimulus Package Benefits for Small-Business Owners

Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina is offering a summary of benefits that may be available to small-business owners as a result of the recent passing of $787 billion economic stimulus plan. - March 15, 2009

BBB Warns of Tax Schemes

The Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina is warning consumers to be on the lookout for scams during the 2009 tax season. - March 04, 2009

BBB of Eastern NC Hosts Fifth Annual Golf Tournament October 13

On Monday, October 13, BBB of Eastern NC will host its fifth annual BBB Golf Tournament. Held at Devil’s Ridge Golf Course in Holly Springs, registration begins at 9 a.m., with the tournament starting at 10 a.m. - October 09, 2008

BBB Announces Shredding Partners for Free May 3 Event

Proshred Security of Raleigh and Panther Shredding of Longwood are participating in the “Secure Your ID” on May 3 for BBB. Participants are asked to bring boxes of personal documents to shred properly. - April 18, 2008

BBB Event Offers Free Identity Theft Protection Advice and On-Site Document Shredding

The Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina will hold a “Secure Your ID” Day on May 3. Consumers and small business owners are asked to bring all their personal documents to shred properly between 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. - April 11, 2008

How to Promote Your Company’s Green Side

More than 40 million baby boomers say they are more likely to purchase environmentally-friendly products and use services from companies that are socially responsible. Given this, Better Business Bureau offers advice to help guide your company’s social responsibility efforts to boomers and other consumers. - January 30, 2008

BBB Advises Consumers to Read Fine Print on Fitness Center Contracts

Complaints received by BBB for fitness clubs have increased more than 90 percent in the last 5 years. While some complaints regarding billing are basic errors, the majority of billing complaints center on being billed after the member felt their contract had expired. Many consumers either assumed their contract would not be renewed, or filed the appropriate paperwork to cancel, but continued to have fees withdrawn from their bank accounts. - January 09, 2008

Complaint Handling – an Advantage for Businesses

BBB Offers Advice to Businesses on Earning Customer Trust during the holiday season. - December 07, 2007

BBB Offers Safe Toy Shopping Advice

BBB is encouraging everyone who will be giving or donating toys this year to take a few minutes and become a smart, safe toy shopper this season. - December 02, 2007

BBB Warns of Scammers Using Telephone to Obtain Personal Information

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Eastern North Carolina warns consumers to never provide private information to an unknown or unverified caller. While callers may claim they are representing a verifiable organization, consumers should act with caution. Recently, a man contacted consumers via... - November 18, 2007

BBB Warns: Make Sure Your Pet is in Good Hands When You’re Out of Town

In 2006 alone, BBBs across the U.S. took in almost 500 complaints about kennels. If you are considering a boarding kennel, BBB has advice to help you choose a safe and reliable home-away-from-home for your pet. - November 08, 2007

BBB Advises Donors on California Wildfire Relief Efforts

Many Americans want to help the thousands of Southern Californians displaced by the wildfires. The most common way people across the country can do this is by making donations to the many relief agencies and charities already at work. However, as with every natural disaster, there are some... - November 02, 2007

Better Business Bureau Launches National Branding Campaign

BBB announces today’s launch of a public outreach campaign highlighting the valuable information, resources and services BBB offers to consumers within its 33 county coverage area. The campaign includes a refined logo, Web site and collateral materials supplemented by advertising in print, radio and Internet mediums. - October 12, 2007

BBB Advice on Keeping Your Business in Business Following a Natural Disaster

After you’ve made plans to ensure the safety of your employees, Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers some advice to help keep your business operating and meeting your customer’s needs in the wake of a disaster. - September 21, 2007

Advice for Buying Homeowners Insurance

A house is typically the largest single investment a person will make in their life and it’s important to protect it and the belongings inside with a sound homeowners insurance policy. Insuring your house can be costly; the Insurance Information Institute estimates the average homeowners... - September 20, 2007

Advice for Dealing with Home Insurance Adjusters after Disaster Strikes

BBB recommends consumers take some basic preparedness steps to help immediately following a catastrophe and offers advice for working with insurance adjusters to ease the stress and anguish after disaster strikes. - September 19, 2007

BBB Cautions Sports Fans: Play Smart When Buying Tickets Online

With the ACC football season underway, Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning sports fans to be on the lookout for fraudulent sellers when shopping for hard-to-get tickets online. - September 08, 2007

Beverly Baskin Receives Women in Business Award from Triangle Business Journal

Beverly Baskin, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina, has been named a 2007 Women in Business Award winner by Triangle Business Journal. The award recognizes Baskin, her evolvement with the community, professional success and unparalleled leadership. She was... - August 12, 2007

BBB to Host Annual Golf Tournament for Education

Beverly Baskin, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina, announces today the BBB Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be held Monday, October 15 at Devil’s Ridge Golf Course in Holly Springs. All proceeds will benefit the BBB Education Foundation. “The... - August 08, 2007

BBB Urges to Know the Facts about Reverse Mortgages

Beverly Baskin, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina, advises long-term homeowners with equity built from homeownership, that a reverse mortgage can be a good investment. Reverse mortgages allow homeowners to turn their home equity into spendable cash without... - May 30, 2007

BBB Offers Tips on Leasing Office Space

If your business is starting to take up more room than your home office has to give, it’s time to think about moving your business out of your house. Taking the leap and leasing a commercial office space can be a daunting prospect. But if you ask the right questions and take the time to do... - May 28, 2007

BBB Offers Tips for Buying a Foreclosed Home

Home prices are falling all across the country, but foreclosures are on the increase. BBB offers tips when buying foreclosed homes. - May 23, 2007

BBB Warns Vacationers: Travel-Related Fraud is on the Rise

With Memorial Day approaching and summer not far behind, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is advising consumers on how to spot and avoid the threat of vacation and travel-related fraud. Vacation scams cost consumers over $10 billion each year. Out of the 3,900 industries the BBB monitors, the... - May 19, 2007

Better Business Bureau Warns Home Buyers

Horror stories about victims of predatory lending are everywhere in the media these days. Abusive or “predatory” lenders target consumers who have built value in their homes, but do not have much available cash. The types of loans offered usually have sky-high interest rates and... - May 17, 2007

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