Veterans Affairs PKI Contract Awarded

TELEGRID Technologies, Inc. (TELEGRID) has been awarded a prime contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to develop a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) key migration system. The system will be used to migrate all escrowed encryptions keys from the VA’s current Verizon... - October 09, 2016

TELEGRID Releases New Line of Mesh Networking Kits

The horrific events in Boston last week shone a spotlight, once again, on the fragility of our cellular infrastructure. The only way to ensure communications is to deploy a standalone wireless local area network like the WZRDnet low-power mesh network. WZRDnet is a true “infrastructure-less” network that does depend on cellular towers, base stations or satellites. The WZRDnet Tactical Kit is the ideal solution for disaster communications. - April 26, 2013

TELEGRID Introduces a Simple Network Manager

TELEGRID's SMRT consolidates the web configuration tools of network devices and monitors them for changes or alarms. With no software to install or complicated systems to learn the SMRT is the closest thing possible to plug and play network management. - June 24, 2012

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