Introduces Keyword Alert System Classifieds introduces keyword alert system to aid users in not missing any deals. - April 27, 2008 Classifieds Launches Advance Community Features Classifieds launches advance features to boost community. - April 19, 2008 Classifieds Integrates MSN Live Chat Classifieds integrates with Windows/MSN Live Chat to enable users live interaction. - April 15, 2008 Classifieds Introduces Keyword Density Analyzer Classifieds introduces density analyzer to help users with SEO. - April 08, 2008 Classifieds Introduces Meta Description Tag Analyzer Classifieds introduces Meta description tag analyzer to help users with SEO. - March 08, 2008 Classifieds Introduces Domain Statistics Tool Classifieds introduces Domain Statistics tool to help users further in their advertising campaign. - March 04, 2008 Classifieds Introduces "Google PageRank Predictor" Classifieds introduces "Google PageRank Predictor" as an added benefit to users. - March 03, 2008 Classifieds Introduces Ad Performance Reports Classifieds introduces Ad Performance reports to make ad performance tracking easier. - February 21, 2008 Classifieds Improves "My Friends" Interface Classifieds improves "My Friends" interface to promote community. - February 03, 2008 Classifieds Comes with Text Formatting Classifieds includes text formatting to provide better value to ads. - January 22, 2008 Introduces Vertical Specialists (Partners) introduces VS to provide extra exposure and increased revenue. - December 26, 2007 Introduces My Friends introduces My Friends, a community feature. - December 02, 2007 Launches New JavaScript Control Panel launches new JavaScript control panel to take advantage of Javascript features. - November 29, 2007 Advances in Spam Prevention advances in Spam prevention by introducing new spam filter - November 14, 2007 Provides Better Coverage for Your Ads provides better coverage of ads by introducing RSS. - November 07, 2007 Introduces Live Help provides on-the-spot customer service with Live Help. - October 08, 2007 Gets Even More User-Friendly

To the average online user, if he or she meets a website that isn’t really user-friendly, with myriads of options and choices, he or she might just decide to leave the website and never come back. “We understand that the average user might find our website slightly confusing; we never... - September 29, 2007

Ablewise Classifieds Strengthens Measures Against Spam

Unsolicited material, or more commonly known as spam, is a serious problem on the Internet. Be it via emails or websites with user databases, spammers are able to infiltrate these sites, “harvest” email addresses and, with the help of automated scripts, start sending... - September 21, 2007

Ablewise Classifieds Advertisment Meets Social Bookmarking Becomes The First Online Classifieds Site to have Social Bookmarking - May 09, 2007

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