StatMedica Makes It Easy to Select and Plan a Spa or Wellness Break in Poland

The StatMedica portal makes it easy to locate and compare medical spas and wellness resort in Poland. It is the one-stop information portal, providing the latest news and information on health and wellness in Poland. It is proving popular with guests and visitors from the United Kingdom and Ireland. - October 01, 2008

StatMedica Makes Dental Treatment in Poland Even More Accessible

StatMedica is now able to offer panoramic x-rays in London to patients seeking dental treatment in Poland. - May 25, 2008

Patients Select Poland as a Destination for Breast Reduction Surgery

Poland is rapidly emerging as a popular destination for patients seeking breast-reduction, as many women find the cost of the procedure prohibitively high at private clinics in the United Kingdom, and are subjected to long waiting lists for the procedure on the NHS. Women consider breast reduction... - May 09, 2008

Poland Emerges as a Popular Destination for Vaginoplasty and Labioplasty

Increasing numbers of patients from Western Europe are traveling to Poland for genital surgery. - April 30, 2008

April is One of the Most Popular Months of Year for Patients to Consider Cosmetic Procedures in Poland

April is a popular month for cosmetic procedures. - April 05, 2008

Leading British-Polish Medical Tourism Provider Expands Its Dental Services

StatMedica adds a new dental clinic to its portfolio. - March 09, 2008

Smart Lipo Now Available in Poland for British Patients

Patients from the United Kingdom can undergo a minimally invasive procedure to reduce fat deposits in Poland, where treatment can cost up to 60% less than in the United Kingdom. - January 13, 2008

Statmedica Defends Medical Tourism

The term “medical tourism” is often taken out of context and misunderstood. StatMedica wishes to challenge the misunderstandings surrounding treatment overseas. - December 06, 2007

StatMedica's Top Ten Tips for Patients Considering Dental or Medical Treatment in Poland

StatMedica offers advice for patients planning a trip to Poland for dental or medical treatment. - November 18, 2007

StatMedica Appointed to Represent Leading Eye Surgery Clinics in Poland is the primary information resource for medical tourism in Poland, providing the latest news and information on the private healthcare sector in Poland, as well as valuable information for patients travelling from Western Europe and North America to Poland to take advantage of high... - October 31, 2007

Poland is the Answer to British Dental Patients' Problems

In response to the high cost of dental treatment and limited dental care provision available on the NHS, increasing numbers of patients are travelling to Poland for dental treatment. Patients from the United Kingdom who travel to private dental clinics in Poland can make savings of up to 70% on... - October 17, 2007

British Couples Travel to Poland for Effective Fertility Treatment

With limited treatment available on the NHS and comparatively high costs of treatment in private hospitals, British Couples trying to conceive are travelling overseas for fertility treatment as an alternative to seeking fertility treatment privately in the United Kingdom. In particular, Poland is emerging as an increasingly popular destination. - September 06, 2007

StatMedica Highlights Cost Savings Benefits of Dental Implants in Poland

Patients in the United Kingdom and other parts of Western Europe who are considering dental implants and other dental prosthetics, can make savings of up to 58%* by considering treatment at one of Poland's private dental clinics. Speaking from Warsaw, Lukasz Liese, Managing Partner of StatMedica,... - June 20, 2007

Number of United Kingdom Citizens Traveling to Poland for Medical Treatment is Set to Increase

In 2006, patients from outside of Poland spent US $65 million on medical treatment, and it is estimated that 3% of the 15.2 million tourists who visited Poland last year, did so for dental or medical procedures. - May 25, 2007

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