Cloud Enables Continuous Delivery and DevOps, According to New Evans Data Survey of Cloud Developers

26% of Cloud Developers Update or Release New Software Versions Daily, 63% Release at Least Once a Week - January 23, 2014

Thirty-Nine Percent of Software Developers Say a Government Agency is Tracking Their Data New Evans Data Survey Shows

Thirty-nine percent of developers working with Big Data think a government agency is tracking the data that they create, gather, or use in their database applications, according to Evans Data’s newly released Data and Advanced Analytics Survey 2013, an in-depth survey of over 440 developers... - September 26, 2013

Cloud Security Reaches Tipping Point

Over Half of All Cloud Developers are Now Very Confident with the Cloud Development Process – New Evans Data Survey Shows - August 23, 2013

Mobile Developers Embracing Near Field Communications

Over 31% currently Support NFC, More Plan to - July 10, 2013

Worldwide Developer Population to Top 26 Million by 2019 New Evans Data Study Shows

According to the newly released Evans Data Worldwide Developer Population and Demographics Study, the total developer population worldwide is expected to increase to 26.4 million by 2019, up from 18.2 million today. The strongest growth is expected in the APAC region with India and China leading... - June 27, 2013

Use of In-Memory Databases Up 40% Since Fall 2012 New Evans Data Survey Shows

The number of developers using in-memory databases has increased 40% worldwide from 18% to 26% during the last six months, according to Evans Data’s new Global Development Survey, an in-depth technology adoption survey of over 1300 developers worldwide. An additional 39% globally say they... - May 16, 2013

Developer Program Membership Up to 80% in 2013 - Increases 156% Since 2002

Eighty percent of developers belong to a developer program, according to Evans Data’s recently released Developer Relations Program survey, an annual survey of over 500 software developers conducted in February. That’s an increase of 57% since 2008, which was the first year that more... - April 05, 2013

Developers Call Microsoft Most Relevant Tech Company Today, Google Most Likely to Dominate in Three Years

Microsoft is the most relevant tech company today, but Google is the most likely to dominate the industry in the future, according to a new survey of over 450 software developers conducted last month. As part of its 2013 Developer Marketing Survey, Evans Data measured developers’ perceptions... - February 15, 2013

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