Anaphora Literary Press Solves Six Ghostwriters Renaissance Publishing Monopoly Conspiracy

Anaphora Literary Press is excited to offer you the opportunity to review or write a story about the newly released final 6 volumes of the British Renaissance Re-Attribution and Modernization Series (BRRAM):; the website includes press coverage in papers such as the Times Record News, and Midwest Book reviews. Please email for free review copies of BRRAM. Faktorovich can also write a free original article about BRRAM. - February 17, 2023

The Re-Attribution of the British Renaissance Corpus

The first accurate quantitative re-attribution of all central texts of the British Renaissance. - October 26, 2021

The "Shakespeare" Mystery Finally Solved with a New Computational-Linguistics Authorial-Attribution Method Invented by Faktorovich (Anaphora)

The data in this GitHub repository is made publicly available to support the conclusions described in a series of articles that re-attributed 266 English-language texts from between 1570s and 1640s. The data was derived by using an entirely new 27-test computational-linguistics authorial-attribution method that was designed for this study. The 27 tests measure punctuation, word groups, emotional categories, lexical and linguistic density, passive voice and the top-6 words and letters. - July 30, 2020

Anna Faktorovich Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Quanah, Texas

Women controlled half of Texas’ largest cities in 1990, but by 2018 only a single woman held a statewide position. Quanah is overdue for a woman at the helm and Anna Faktorovich, Director of Anaphora Literary Press, has entered the Mayoral race to improve this historic but steadily... - February 05, 2019

New Anaphora Journal Issues Released – CCR and PLJ

The latest Summer 2016 issues of Anaphora’s two journals: Pennsylvania Literary Journal and Cinematic Codes Review have been released. These latest issues below include an interview with the Vice President of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, an award-winning illustrator, and the winners of the Brooklyn Film Festival. There are also scholarly essays from academics, and detailed reviews of recent releases and forthcoming books in fiction and non-fiction. - September 06, 2016

The Second of Only Two Ukrainian Novels to be Published in the US Released from Anaphora

Vasyl Baziv is a prominent Ukrainian political scientist, former diplomat and academic. He was one of the organizers of the National Democratic movement in 1989-1990 and the recent 2014 Ukrainian Revolution. His "Armageddon" and "The Cross" are the only two Ukrainian novels that have been translated into English and published in the United States from Anaphora Literary Press. - February 22, 2016

New PLJ Issue "Interviews with Gene Ambaum and Corban Addison" Has Been Released

Includes photographs and stories about bestselling authors like Amy Tan, Sandra Cisneros, Susan Boyer and Jacqueline Woodson, acclaimed actors like Paul Giamatti, David Strathairn and Rosie Perez, and the producer of REM’s first two albums, Don Dixon. - December 15, 2015

"Interview with Mary Jo Putney," the Latest Issue of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal Released

New issue features an interview with Mary Jo Putney, a best-selling romance author, winner of RITAs for Dancing on the Wind and The Rake and the Reformer and on the RWA Honor Roll for bestselling authors. Also included are an interview with an established poet and interim director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Connecticut, Sean Frederick Forbes, and various other short stories, essays and poetry from R. Sebastian Bennett, Dennis Donham, Joseph De Quattro, and Fred Skolnik. - August 30, 2015

Interviews with Pulitzer Prize Winner, Geraldine Brooks, and Farmers: Volume VII, Issue 1 of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal Released

A special issue of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal with 84 photographs on farming life and Anna Faktorovich’s headliner presentation at the Virginia Festival of the Book has been released from Anaphora Literary Press. It also includes an interview with the Pulitzer Prize winning author, Geraldine Brooks. “Interviews with Geraldine Brooks and Farmers: Volume VII, Issue 1.” - May 10, 2015

"Gender Bias in Mystery and Romance Novel Publishing: Mimicking Masculinity and Femininity" Released from Anaphora

A new study examines gender bias, focusing on the top two best-selling genres in modern fiction, romance and mystery. It is a linguistic and structurally formalist analysis of the male and female “sentences.” The analysis is based on calculations of real differences between novels in these genres, and on a survey of perception of gendered differences in written texts. Feminists and masculists should find this book as an informative new step towards understanding gender bias. - April 30, 2015

USA Best Book Award Winner Bob Van Laerhoven - "Dangerous Obsessions" Released from Anaphora Literary Press - Available for Review

Hercule Poirot Prize winning Belgium/ Flemish author, Bob Van Laerhoven, has published a short stories collection, "Dangerous Obsessions," with Anaphora Literary Press. Review copies available upon emailed request. - April 13, 2015

David Slavitt’s Absurdist Novel, "Walloomsac," Has Been Released with Anaphora

David R. Slavitt, a professor with a Columbia PhD, and author of more than 115 books, has had his new absurd “novel,” “Walloomsac,” released with Anaphora. - October 04, 2014

"Book Production Guide: 4th Edition": Free Smashwords Edition Has Been Released

Grab a free Smashwords copy ( of the newly released fourth edition of the "Book Production Guide," a great source of information for anybody interested in self-publishing or otherwise producing a book. - October 04, 2014

"Radical Agrarian Economics" by Anna Faktorovich is Now Available for Review

Galley copies of this controversial study of a dying radical field in agricultural, environmental and economic studies is available in electronic and printed versions for review to any members of the media that email a request for a copy. - October 04, 2014

"Interviews with Novelists," an Issue of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal Has Been Released, and Features Interviews with Best-Selling and Award-Winning Writers

Interviews with Novelists: Volume VI, Issue 2: ($10, 178pp, 6X9″, Summer 2014, ISBN: 978-1-937536-84-8, Purchase on CreateSpace (, Amazon (, or Kindle ( for only $2.99): Features... - September 03, 2014

Award-Winning Author, John Michael Cummings, Chats with PLJ

John Michael Cummings’ first novel, "The Night I Freed John Brown" (Penguin Group, 2008) won The Paterson Prize for Books for Young People. He also published a second young adult novel "Ugly to Start With" (West Virginia University Press, 2011). His short story “The Scratchboard Project” received an honorable mention in The Best American Short Stories 2007. - September 02, 2014

Interview with Bob Van Laerhoven, Winner of the 2007 Knack Hercule Poirot Prize, for His Mystery Novel, "Baudelaire’s Revenge: Pennsylvania Literary Journal"

Interview posted with Bob Van Laerhoven: Flemish author of more than 30 books, available in three languages: Dutch, French, and English. Currently published in The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and France. Winner of the Hercule Poirot Prize for the best crime novel of the year 2007 with De Wraak van Baudelaire (Baudelaire’s Revenge). - September 02, 2014

Interview with the Best-Selling Visionary Author, Zoltan Istvan: Pennsylvania Literary Journal

Interview posted on the PLJ website with the bestselling visionary author, Zoltan Istvan, who explored over 100 countries—many as a journalist for the National Geographic Channel—writing, filming, and appearing in dozens of television stories, articles, and webcasts. - July 25, 2014

Interviews with Sundance Winners and a Review of Aaron Paul and “Breaking Bad”

"Film Theory and Modern Art": includes interviews with the winners of 2014 Sundance Film Festival: Nathan Zellner (Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter) and Janicza Bravo (Gregory Go Boom). Also, an essay from an acclaimed film academic, Bert Cardullo, “Modish Artifice vs. Modern Art.” Featuring a review from the Editor, Anna Faktorovich, of a television series, “Breaking Bad,” with a debate on if it’s great art or disastrous pop filmmaking, and the acting methodology of the supporting lead, Aaron Paul. - June 02, 2014

"The Romances of George Sand," a Historical Novel About a French Revolutionary, by Anna Faktorovich Will be Released with Anaphora Literary Press on September 12, 2014

"The Romances of George Sand": takes the heroine from an aristocratic marriage and divorce, to careers as a country doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, and most successfully as romance novelist, and involvement in July, June and 1848 revolutions, including service as the unofficial Minister of Propaganda. There are military battles, coup d’etat maneuvers, duels, malevolent plots, infidelity, artistic discussions, monumental legal cases and reflections on the nature of love, rebellion and femininity. - May 18, 2014

The Romances of George Sand: An Anti-Romantic Novel: Seeking Funding on KickStarter for Publication with Anaphora Literary Press

Funding is needed to release a detailed historical novel that argues that George Sand only found happiness when she became asexual in the last third of her life, while all of her romances were tragic and hurtful. A contribution pays for a pre-release copy of the book. George Sand was actively involved in rebellious plots that culminated in the 1848 Revolution, and her life’s story is covered with characters like Emperor Napoleon, Alexander Dumas, Frederic Chopin and Alfred de Musset. - February 19, 2014

New Poetry Collection, "The Way Things Go," Published by Anaphora Literary Press

Georgia professor and award-winning poet Lucas Carpenter’s new collection of poetry chronicles his insights and observations based on his travels. - July 24, 2013

Anaphora Literary Press Announces Release of Anna Faktorovich’s New Children’s Book

Author Anna Faktorovich’s illustrated children’s book, “The Sloths and I,” takes young readers on an adventure through the jungles of the Amazon. - July 24, 2013

Anaphora Literary Press Announces Release of New Autobiography

Accomplished academic and veteran mountain climber Robert Hauptman’s new autobiography, “An Adventurous Life: A Personal and Cultural History,” has been published. - July 24, 2013

Steve Caplan’s Latest Novel is a Thrilling Tale of a Former Israeli Soldier’s Struggle with PTSD

Anaphora Literary Press is pleased to promote the publication of Steve Caplan’s novel, “Welcome Home, Sir.” - July 22, 2013

California Poet’s Collection Reflects on Life "Outside" Los Angeles

Poet John Brantingham looks at suburban Los Angeles in his collection of poetry, which has been published. - July 22, 2013

Book Production Guide is an Essential Tool for Self-Publishers and Industry Professionals Alike

Anaphora Literary Press is excited to promote the Third Edition of its Book Production Guide. - July 18, 2013

Dr. Anna Faktorovich Examines the Rebellion Novels of Britain’s Best-Loved Authors

Anaphora Literary Press is excited to promote Dr. Faktorovich’s first literary reference text, Rebellion as Genre in the Novels of Scott, Dickens and Stevenson. - July 18, 2013

M. V. Montgomery’s Latest Publication Integrates Poetry and Experimental Fiction

Anaphora Literary Press is thrilled to promote this much-lauded poet’s most recent collection, The Island of Charles Foster Kane. - July 17, 2013

S. Thomas Summers Releases the Second Title in His Civil War Series

Anaphora Literary Press is thrilled to once again work with poet S. Thomas Summers on his latest publication, “The Journals of Lt. Kendall Everly: A Story of the American Civil War.” - July 17, 2013

2012 Pushcart Prize Nominee Captures an Integral Moment in American History

Anaphora Literary Press is thrilled to promote Dr. Anna Faktorovich’s latest collection of poetry. - July 17, 2013

2012 Pushcart Prize Nominee Examines Womanhood in Changing Times

Anaphora Literary Press is thrilled to promote Janet Ruth Heller’s latest poetry collection, Folk Concert: Changing Times. - July 13, 2013

100 Years of the Federal Reserve: The Central Banking System in the United States of America Targets Young Readers

Marie Bussing-Burks’s textbook celebrates the 100th anniversary of the American Federal Reserve system. - July 13, 2013

Adventures in Long Island and Abroad is a Study in Irony and Sardonic Wit

Anaphora Literary Press is excited to promote Bruce D. Johnson’s first book of short stories. - July 13, 2013

Swedish-Canadian Poet’s Collection Meditates on Time and Aging

Anaphora Literary Press is pleased to promote its publication of T. Anders Carson’s book of poetry, “Death is Not the Worst Thing.” - July 13, 2013

West Virginia Author’s Latest Novel is a Unique Entry in the Law-Drama Genre

In author Lynn Clarke’s “Evidence and Judgment” a young attorney’s biggest obstacles come from outside the courtroom. - July 13, 2013

Award-Winning Poet Brings Postmodern Style to Life in Mathematics of Love

Mathematics of Love: Poems by John Edwin Cowen is poetry in the vein of E.E. Cummings and Jose Garcia Villa. - July 13, 2013

Rocks Full of Sky Explores the Natural and Human Spirit in Verse

Anaphora Literary Press is excited to promote Stephen Lefebure’s most recent collection of poetry. - July 13, 2013

Experienced Legal Administrator Retires to Write Fiction

Anaphora Literary Press is excited to promote Mary Ann Hutchinson’s latest thriller, “Rain, Rain, Go Away…” - July 12, 2013

Journalist Michelle Chen Breaks Into the Poetic Genre

Anaphora Literary Press is excited to promote Michelle Chen’s first poetry collection, "Baby Pepper." - July 12, 2013

"Blood Laws" Thrills and Intrigues

Anaphora Literary Press is excited to promote Miguel Parga’s first novel. - July 12, 2013

John F. Buckley’s Sky Sandwiches is a Veritable Feast of Surrealism

2012 Pushcart Prize Nominated poetry collection fuses the unremarkable with the exceptional. - July 11, 2013

Five to Fifteen is the True Story of Adversity and Triumph in an Arizona Women’s Prison

Anaphora Literary Press is thrilled to promote Denise Sassoon’s much-anticipated Five to Fifteen, a raw, powerful look at the reality of prison, addiction, and recovery. - July 10, 2013

Book Takes a Fresh Look at Time Management and Personal and Workplace Productivity

In their book, Jeffrey Atwood and Charles Calio discuss Time Leadership, their unique approach to increasing one’s productivity. - July 08, 2013

Private Hercules McGraw Features Poems on the American Civil War

S. Thomas Summers’s published collection provides readers an intimate perspective of the civil war straight from the battlefield. - July 08, 2013

Emerging Poet’s Latest Collection is Silence--Imbibed

Anaphora Literary Press is proud to promote Jennifer Gutiérrez’s collection of poetry, Silence Imbibed. - July 08, 2013

Award-Winning Author‘s Latest Novel Visits the Golden Age of Hollywood

Prolific author Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s novel, Twilight of the Immortal, has been published. - July 05, 2013

Eloquent Tattoo is Latest Entry in Academic Murder-Mystery Series

Anaphora Literary press is pleased to promote Audrey Lavin’s novel, Eloquent Tattoo: A Murder Mystery. - July 05, 2013

Crevices of Beautiful Minds, Crevasses of Beautiful Souls Takes Readers Into the Human Spirit

Anaphora Literary Press is pleased to promote the publication of V.B. Kai-Rogers’s collection of poetry, Crevices of Beautiful Minds, Crevasses of Beautiful Souls. - July 05, 2013

S. K. Kelen’s Newest Book Adds a "Dash of Venom" to Domestic Norms

Anaphora Literary Press is excited to promote S. K. Kelen’s most recent publication. - June 29, 2013

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