PlacidWay-DENTall Partnership Opens the Door to Dental Tourism in Varazdin, Croatia

PlacidWay, a leader in medical tourism industry, has recently signed a partnership with DENTall, a renowned dental clinic located in Varazdin, Croatia. PlacidWay proudly announces the new partnership with DENTall, a dental clinic providing a wide area of treatments and procedures to local and... - July 22, 2016

PlacidWay Forms a Relationship with Basa Medical Travel Agency to Coordinate Patients to Cuba

The doors to Cuban hospitality and medical treatment have opened for Medical Tourists from across the world and this has been made possible due to the strategic relationship forged between PlacidWay, the leading Medical Tourism providers in the USA and Basa Medical Travel agency in Cuba. - July 20, 2016

A New Partnership in Stem Cell Therapy – PlacidWay Signs with MexStemCells Clinic

Starting with March 2016, PlacidWay became partner with MexStemCells Clinic in Mexico City, Mexico in providing Stem Cell Treatments for patients all over the world. - April 23, 2016

PlacidWay and Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation in Singapore Sign Collaboration Agreement

PlacidWay announces a partnership with Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation and Surgery, a renowned plastic surgery centre in Singapore which takes aesthetic surgery and procedures to the next level using minimally invasive, highly successful cosmetic procedures such as Eye REVO, Thermi RF Non-Surgical Eyebag Removal, the Liquid Face Lift or the Korea Style Double Eyelid Creation. - April 01, 2016

PlacidWay and Ocean Dental Cancun Forge Partnership to Expand Dental Treatments in Mexico

PlacidWay announces a new partnership with Ocean Dental Cancun, a dental clinic offering a wide range of treatments and procedures. Through using the world-class technology and equipment and with a highly trained medical team, Ocean Dental Cancun engages to fulfill the needs of its partners and international patients. - August 29, 2015

PlacidWay Unveils a New Video Website

PlacidWay continues to expand and evolve, taking into consideration the market’s and consumer’s growing needs, through MedicalTourism.Video, the first website in the market that gathers medical tourism related videos, in order to offer relevant and useful information to all the audiences. - August 26, 2015

PlacidWay Announces Partnership with Villa Donatello

PlacidWay announces premium partnership with Villa Donatello, a private, multispecialty care facility offering the latest in medical services. Through their experienced medical staff and the variety of medical and surgical specialties, Villa Donatello serves to meet the needs of its medical and international customers. - February 24, 2015

PlacidWay Expands Its Stem Cell Presence in Middle East Starting Partnership with Dr. Nassim Clinic in Lebanon

PlacidWay expands its medical tourism network in the Middle East through a partnership with Dr. Nassim Clinic located in Beirut Lebanon, creating a wider access to critical patients with diseases of degenerative type, who want to be treated via ASCT (Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation). - February 11, 2015

Bourn Hall IVF Clinic Creates Relationship with PlacidWay

Bourn Hall IVF Clinic, located in Gurgaon, India, partners with PlacidWay, an international medical provider, in offering the latest in technology for infertility, in vitro fertilization and other fertility treatments in Southeast Asia. - February 05, 2015

PlacidWay and North Cyprus IVF Help Future Parents with Safe and Affordable Fertility Procedures

North Cyprus IVF and PlacidWay Medical Tourism have teamed up to help heterosexual and homosexual couples become parents through safe and affordable fertility treatments such as IVF, Gender Selection, Sperm and Egg donation and even Surrogacy. The modern medical equipment and highly trained medical staff contribute to the high success rate of these procedures. - January 13, 2015

PlacidMobile a Free iOS and Android Medical Tourism App by PlacidWay

PlacidWay, a leader in the medical tourism industry, announced the release of its PlacidMobile applications for iPhone/iPad and Android mobile devices. - November 28, 2014

Hundreds of Successful Organ Transplants Performed at Kent Hospital in Turkey

Kent Hospital is a hope for patients in need of liver or kidney transplantation and the best hospital for this procedure in Europe and Middle East. - October 04, 2014

The First Knee Surgery Performed with I-Assist in India a Great Success

Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam, a renowned orthopedic surgeon in India, has successfully performed for the first time a knee surgery using the innovative I-Assist device. - September 11, 2014

PlacidWay Upgrades Helping Consumers Choose Medical Options Abroad

Inspired by the 2014 Medical Tourism Global Consumer Demand Survey Analysis, PlacidWay, a medical tourism company, has recently upgraded its website offering intuitive and quick access to hundreds of medical facilities, packages, prices, medical destinations and all the information needed by medical travelers. - September 03, 2014

Mexico Surrogacy and PlacidWay Unite to Provide Affordable Fertility Options South of the Border

PlacidWay, a leader in global medical resources and providers, has recently united with Mexico Surrogacy, Mexico, helping men, women and same-sex couples achieve their dream of becoming parents. - August 22, 2014

PlacidWay - KCM Clinic Partnership Provides Safe, Quality and Modern Medical Care in Poland

PlacidWay medical tourism company and KCM Clinic recently joined hands to help global patients get access to highly successful and accessible medical treatments and surgeries in Poland. - August 10, 2014

Istituto Auxologico Italiano and PlacidWay Join to Expand Medical Tourism in Italy

Istituto Auxologico Italiano and PlacidWay medical tourism company recently joined in a strategic partnership to help global patients get easy access to minimally invasive robotic surgery for various medical conditions in Milan, Italy. - August 07, 2014

Metabolic Surgery Center and PlacidWay Provide Revolutionary Health Travel Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes in Turkey

Metabolic Surgery Clinic and PlacidWay medical tourism company joined hands in a new partnership aimed at offering patients suffering from diabetes and obesity a successful and revolutionary treatment in Istanbul, Turkey. - July 24, 2014

90 Days or Less for Medical Tourism

It takes 90 days or less for medical tourism consumers to make their buying decision. The factors that influence their health travel option can be enhanced. - July 23, 2014

Sky Nurses and PlacidWay Offer Patients Safe Transportation Back Home from Anywhere in the World

Sky Nurses, a non-emergency medical transport company, and PlacidWay, a medical tourism company, recently established a strategic partnership to help global patients travel home safely from anywhere in the world. - June 25, 2014

Smiles'n More Dental Clinic and PlacidWay Restore Patients' Confidence with Excellent Dental Care

Smiles'n More Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dental Clinic and PlacidWay medical tourism company have recently joined in a partnership aimed at helping worldwide patients get high quality, accessible and affordable dental treatments and procedures in Bangalore, India. - June 06, 2014

Dentalia and PlacidWay Join in Dental Medical Tourism Venture

Dentalia Dental Clinics and PlacidWay medical tourism company have started a fruitful collaboration aimed at providing local and global patients high quality and affordable dental treatments and procedures in various states in Mexico. - May 17, 2014

LIV Hospital and PlacidWay Join to Expand Global and Accredited Medical Tourism in Turkey

LIV Hospital, a multidisciplinary medical facility located in Istanbul, Turkey and PlacidWay medical tourism company joined hands to help patients from all over the world get easy access to revolutionary techniques performed in JCI accredited facilities in Turkey. - May 01, 2014

Nuevo Ser and PlacidWay Help Worldwide Addicts Get a Fresh Start

Nuevo Ser Clinic Addiction Rehabilitation and Detox Center and PlacidWay medical tourism company recently joined in a fruitful collaboration aimed at helping patients all over the world get easy access to revolutionary and highly successful anti-addiction treatments and procedures in Tijuana, Mexico. - April 23, 2014

PlacidWay Continues to Define Trends in Mexico’s Medical Tourism Market

Mexico continues to be one of the top destinations for dental care, with travelers visiting easily accessible cities just south of border crossings to meet their needs. - April 21, 2014

PlacidWay and Multicare Service Center Make China a Global Medical Hub

Multicare Health Service Center and PlacidWay medical tourism company recently joined in a strategic partnership to help global patients get easy access to highly-successful and advanced procedures performed in accredited and modern medical facilities in China. - April 16, 2014

Blue Net Hospitals and PlacidWay Join to Take Medical Tourism in Mexico to the Next Level

Blue Net Hospitals and PlacidWay medical tourism company have started a fruitful collaboration aimed at helping worldwide patients get easy access to affordable and accredited medical care in Mexico. - April 02, 2014

Centro Plastica and PlacidWay Join in Medical Tourism Venture

Centro Plastica and PlacidWay medical tourism company have started a fruitful cooperation aimed at offering worldwide patients high quality and affordable cosmetic and plastic surgeries and treatments in Mexico. - March 28, 2014

PlacidWay and Pantalon Dental Practice Expand Dental Tourism in Croatia

PlacidWay medical tourism company and Pantalon Dental Practice have started a close partnership to provide global patients easy access to high-quality, affordable and accredited dental care in Croatia. - March 22, 2014

PlacidWay 2014 Medical Tourism Global Consumer Demand Survey Analysis

PlacidWay, a US-based medical tourism company, has recently published the 2014 Medical Tourism Global Consumer Demand Survey Analysis. - March 19, 2014

Dr. Max Greig and PlacidWay Join to Offer Quality Orthopedic Surgeries in Mexico

Dr. Max Greig Orthopedic Surgeon and PlacidWay medical tourism company have joined in a partnership, with the purpose of helping worldwide patients get quality orthopedic procedures at accessible prices at accredited medical tourism facilities in Mexico. - March 17, 2014

PlacidWay Joins Valencia's Corposalud Clinic to Increase Medical Tourism in Spain

PlacidWay, a leading medical resource and provider worldwide based in the United States, has formed a relationship with Corposalud Clinic of Valencia, Spain. The center, a specialty medical clinic, is associated with numerous ISO certified partner hospitals integrating hospital and clinical care that treats patients from around the world. - March 17, 2014

Panama - Paving the Way toward Solid Infrastructure for Medical Tourism

Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay, a Colorado-based medical tourism provider and resource for international medical travel, recently visited Panama City, Panama, and spoke at the first SALUD Panama medical tourism conference. The first international conference on medical tourism and global health issues hosted by Panama had over 100 experts in the health and medical tourism field. - March 14, 2014

Dental Solutions Joins PlacidWay to Promote Laser Assisted Dentistry in Bangalor

PlacidWay is pleased to announce a developing relationship with Dental Solutions, a center for implants and laser dentistry in Bangalore, India. The facility, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, provides private dental care and high-tech procedures to restore dental function and... - March 13, 2014

South Korea the Mecca for Plastic Surgery Medical Tourism

Over the past 10 years, South Korea has made a remarkable step in the medical tourism industry, and especially when it comes to cosmetic and plastic surgery. If in 2009 the country attracted 60,000 medical tourists, the number has increased by 40% to 85,000 last year and a jaw-dropping 340% to... - January 22, 2014

Dr. Juan Luque Joins PlacidWay to Provide Global Access to Patients Seeking Top Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

See how PlacidWay, the leading medical tourism company, and Dr. Jean Luque, a top cosmetic plastic surgeon in Mexico will bring more affordable prices for top beauty surgeries abroad. - January 18, 2014

Crowded Dental Tourism Market, a Challenge for Providers' Survival

How can a dental tourism player survive nowadays? See what other dental treatment centers are offering and how a center like this can be better. - January 18, 2014

PlacidWay Furthers Relationship with Panama-Based Stem Cell Facility

PlacidWay continues their relationship with Stem Cell Panama, focusing on stem cell and regenerative medicine in Panama City, Panama. - May 09, 2013

PlacidWay Joins Qatar-Based Dolphin Travels in Promoting Medical Tourism

PlacidWay, an international medical resource and provider, has recently joined forces with Dolphin Travels, a boutique travel agency based in Qatar, to promote medical and health tourism by offering customized travel solutions that include medical and wellness treatment packages for centers around... - April 11, 2013

PlacidWay Joins with Neolife Medical Center to Offer Hope to Countless in Turkey

Neolife Medical Center, located in Istanbul, Turkey, provides life-saving treatments for those diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions. - March 22, 2013

PlacidWay Top Ten Treatments Abroad in 2012

Men and women seek cosmetic procedures and stem cell therapies abroad, PlacidWay medical tourism experts have concluded. The 2012 figures compared to 2011 have determined a brighter look for medical travel, as experts and thought leaders announce the exponential increase in the number of medical... - March 17, 2013

PlacidWay CEO Pramod Goel About Medical Tourism Trends and Challenges in 2013 and Beyond

Cautious optimism is felt by many today, but it should by no means be assumed for 2013 in the medical tourism industry, says Pramod Goel, PlacidWay CEO and author of recently released book "Evolution of Medical Tourism: from Cottage Industry to Corporate World." As we set our focus on... - March 15, 2013

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