Duphunter Presents an Easy Way to Deal with Garbage Photos

A new cross-platform app by Teorex, DupHunter scans photos on a user's computer and gets rid of all duplicates leaving only the best images in each group of similar pictures. Conveniently, the program automatically detects series of photos taken with continuous shooting or locates similar images... - January 07, 2016

WebInpaint: New Instant Photo Retouching Online Tool is Released

TeoreX launches a new online retouching service based on the cross-platform acclaimed retouching tool Inpaint. WebInpaint removes unnecessary objects from photos fast and with little effort. Strangers, debris and random objects blemishing the picture will be gone in just few seconds with WebInpaint. - August 05, 2015

PhotoScissors 2.1 Brings in Instant Image Background Replacement

TeoreX announces the release of PhotoScissors 2.1. A well-acclaimed cross-platform photo editing tool easily takes out unnecessary or rubbish backgrounds from photos with literally few mouse gestures. No particular skills are required. In the update, the tool allows adding a new background in place... - July 31, 2015

PhotoScissors 2.0 Removes Image Background Faster

TeoreX releases PhotoScissors 2.0. The cross-platform application quickly removes unwanted backgrounds from photos yet does not require any specific skills from a user. With a few clicks, a user can get rid of the background, smooth contours of the object, crop the image to a specified size and add... - March 28, 2015

Inpaint 6.2 Improves Texture Generation for Better Image Retouching

TeoreX announces the new release of its multi-platform retouching tool for easy removal of undesired elements from photos. Inpaint 6.2 instantly removes scratches, watermarks, timestamps and even complex objects like strangers, unwanted elements and background debris automatically. The new version... - March 07, 2015

Inpaint 6: Popular Retouching Tool Gets Faster, Smoother and Friendlier

TeoreX announces Inpaint 6, a simple retouching tool for end users. The program helps removing scratches, watermarks, timestamps as well as more complex objects like strangers, unwanted elements and background debris automatically. The update features improved processing algorithm for faster... - September 19, 2014

Aspect Ratio Presets in iResizer 2.5 Promote Cropless Pre-Print Adjustment

TeoreX releases a new version of its intelligent resizing utility iResizer 2.5. The update brings built-in aspect ratio presets for easier conversion of images to printer-friendly formats, optimized memory usage and a number of usability improvements. - June 21, 2014

A Snip-Snap with PhotoScissors Removes Unwanted Image Background

TeoreX releases a brand new tool for simple picture editing. PhotoScissors is a straightforward tool to remove unnecessary background from photos with literally several mouse gestures. The user identifies areas to keep and areas to cut out with very rough strokes and the program automatically does... - February 20, 2014

iResizer 2.4 Features Instant Resize of Images for Instagram

TeoreX announces iResizer 2.4, a new version of the image resizing and anti-cropping tool. Implementing an intellectual approach to resizing, the program can remove unwanted objects from a picture or reduce spacing between objects by “folding” the photo using a special algorithm. Often... - December 06, 2013

Inpaint 5.5 Enhances Photo Retouching with New Instruments

The new version of Inpaint 5.5, a super-simple photo retouching tool, introduces a number of tools to make removing unwanted objects from pictures, retouching scratches and pitches, hiding background objects and camera time stamps even easier. Taking a good photo is easy; taking a perfect photo is... - September 21, 2013

Batch Inpaint 2.0 Turns Bad Photos to Good and Good to Excellent

The program for effortless batch retouching of multiple images Batch Inpaint has updated to version 2.0. - July 04, 2013

Inpaint 5.0: One-Button Photo Retouching Tool Released

TeoreX announces the new version of Inpaint 5.0, an extremely friendly photo retouching application with a wide choice of smart after-touch tools for easy removal of unwanted objects from pictures. Watermarks, scratches, background objects and camera time stamps won’t spoil the best shots anymore. - March 01, 2013

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