Batch Inpaint 2.0 Turns Bad Photos to Good and Good to Excellent

The program for effortless batch retouching of multiple images Batch Inpaint has updated to version 2.0.

Moscow, Russia, July 04, 2013 --( The program for effortless batch retouching of multiple images Batch Inpaint has updated to version 2.0. The tool allows removing or retouching undesirable objects on the scene pretty much like its flagship cousin Inpaint does, and offers means to process multiple photos at once.

It is hard to underestimate automation when it comes to editing thousands of photos at the same time. This is not about retouching of sudden tourists or visual garbage on the scene, that's more or less creative after all. Removing same-type watermarks or labels from a massive group of photographs - that's where user's patience runs the gauntlet.

Batch Inpaint provides a relief from this burden. This small tool allows a user to fix similar issues on hundreds of photos in as little as three steps. First, a user opens all images he wants to process. Then he specifies an area to hide or remove. Finally, he... well, lets the program do the rest. Needless to say what a great timesaver this is. Scratches, time stamps, facial wrinkles, accidental objects - with Batch Inpaint removing anything that shouldn't be there is all the way easy and straightforward.

The new version 2.0 features the whole new look with the even more simple and accessible interface. Many of tools have been reworked towards higher comfort in the update too. For example, the zoom function now centers the image to the mouse cursor. Batch Inpaint 2.0 also features several new selection tools (Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magic Wand) for easy and precise identifying of unnecessary parts on an image. Better stability and overall increase of performance will not pass unheeded as well.

"Non-prefect photos are common, and that's no problem. After all usually you can take another shot or two of the same scene. But if for some reason you couldn't, Batch Inpaint will save the day," says Max Gapchenko, the founder and the senior developer at TeoreX.
Elvira Elchueva