Software Shelf’s Print Manager Plus Attains a 50% Saving on all Printing Costs

Results show that implementing Software Shelf’s print control software is a sensible and practical way to improve the bottom line. That’s good news in these financially insecure times. - November 15, 2008

Software Shelf Improves Law Firm Billing with Its New Print Management Software

Print Manager Plus 2008 includes a sophisticated print tracking system which allows law firms to accurately bill back their printing costs to clients with ease. - July 16, 2008

New Print Management Software for Schools and Colleges Reduces Wasted Printouts by Up to 50%

Print Manager Plus 2008 can make a substantial dent in school, college or university budgets for toner, paper and print maintenance, significantly reducing costs by eliminating unnecessary student and staff printing. It is the only all-digital solution for educational establishments that is available at a fraction of the cost of other complex hardware-based products, yet providing the same level of functionality. - June 24, 2008

Control of Printing Costs Vital in Looming Recession Says Official Studies

Print Manager Plus by Software Shelf offers a powerful yet simple and cost-effective way for any organization to assess, control and reduce printing costs – now estimated to be as high as 3% of revenue. Print Manager Plus software is the only All Digital Solution in a market place inundated with costly expensive hardware-based solutions. Print Manager Plus is a fraction of the price of the hardware-based tools, yet brings the same level of functionality. - May 15, 2008

New Print Control Software Aids HIPAA and Data Protection Acts Security Compliance with Launch of Print Manager Plus Release Station 2008

New release from Software Shelf protects confidential patient records, aiding compliance with Health Insurance Portability, the Accountability Act (HIPAA) and European Data Protection Rules. - March 12, 2008

File-Rescue Plus by Software Shelf Granted a Consumers Digest Best Buy Award

Software which works on all Windows operating systems, external drives and digital cameras is considered, independently, to be one of the best on the market for recovering deleted files, photos and music. - March 12, 2008

Software Shelf’s Newest Print Manager Plus 2008 Packs Powerful New Features Into Its Market Leading Solution

Print Manager Plus 2008 now features complete Active Directory integration with Windows Server 2008 plus all previous Windows Operating Systems and tools to reducing the hidden costs of printing in your network. - March 12, 2008

Print Control Company Software Shelf Joins with GuideMeGreen to Protect the Environment Through Print Manager Plus Software

‘Print Manager Plus’ makes major contribution towards reducing global wastage of paper and ink. - January 28, 2008

Software Shelf Launches New Pay-Per-Print Solution

Print Manager Plus® Release Station 2008 Web-Based Tool with PayPal and Credit Card Integration is the latest release from Software Shelf. - January 04, 2008

Print Manager Plus Saves School £12,000 ($24,000) a Year by Restricting Student Printing

A 'Back to School' Tip to Improve the School Budget: Printer Control Software Saves $2,000 a Month - August 31, 2007

Software Shelf Declares Its Premier Print Accounting Application Fully Compatible with Longhorn Server

Print Manager Plus® Passes All Windows Server 2008 Compatibility Tests - July 12, 2007

Print Control Company, Software Shelf, Is Granted HP’s Outstanding Partner of the Year Award

Hewlett-Packard, the World's Largest Information Technology Corporation, Honours Software Shelf for its Print Accounting Software - Print Manager Plus® - June 14, 2007

Incredible Cost-Saving Opportunity for School Districts, Local Education Authorities and Ministries of Education, Worldwide

Leading Print Management Software Company, Software Shelf, Makes Group Licenses Available to the Education Sector - June 06, 2007

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