Print Manager Plus Saves School £12,000 ($24,000) a Year by Restricting Student Printing

A 'Back to School' Tip to Improve the School Budget: Printer Control Software Saves $2,000 a Month

East Grinstead, United Kingdom, August 31, 2007 --( With schools re-opening soon, here is a way, applicable to most schools everywhere, for them to improve their budget. Print Manager Plus, a print monitoring system which gives full control over all printing resources by tracking and reporting printing usage and costs across networks, is saving a school £12,000 ($24,000) a year.

King's Academy, a school in Middlesbrough, England, used to have the problem of astronomic printing costs that were spiraling out of control. But, now that they have implemented the print management system, Print Manager Plus, from Software Shelf International, they are reporting savings of around £12,000 ($24,000) a year due to reduced wastage of ink, paper and printer wear and tear.

The software includes many cost-saving features such as the ability to restrict students’ printing rights by colour, file type and file name. So, for example, students might be able to print spreadsheet documents but not jpg files. That puts a stop to unnecessary print outs of David Beckham, sports cars or Paris Hilton straight away.

But a case that gets across the sheer power of this software to reduce costs is the story of a student of the school who decided to print 700 copies of the same photo “as a joke.” Thanks to the feature that allows you to see exactly what students have printed and to hold them accountable for it if necessary – the school was able to bill his parents for the ink and paper used.

"Within 2 weeks, Print Manager Plus paid for itself and we've been re-investing the savings back into our school," says Kevin Bowker, a school administrator. "We're saving about £12,000 a year, which has allowed us to upgrade our PCs, printers, and more."

Christian Delalez, vice president of the company’s European office states, “Print Manager Plus makes total accounting sense because it allows you to keep track of who’s printing what, where and when. Without it, you have no control and are completely in the dark. Unfortunately, this is still the case for most schools and colleges everywhere. There are huge savings to be made here.”

More information about Print Manager Plus is available here: and a fully functional free evaluation of the software can be downloaded here:

About Software Shelf: The company was established in 1994 in Silicon Valley by William Feeley. Its flagship product, Print Manager Plus, is used by thousands of companies, schools and government offices worldwide, including: Yale University, Los Angeles Unified School District, Harvard University, Oxford University, Morgan Stanley, British Library, Bank of England, NATO, Hyatt Hotels and Microsoft. The company provides tech support (in 13 languages) from its offices in the US and UK and from its 153 partners and resellers in 62 countries. Print Manager Plus features include: Print Tracking – it controls and reports printing usage and costs across networks; and Print Budgeting – it restricts users by dollar (or any currency) amount, number of pages per job, job size and file type or by restricting printers by number of pages per job, job size and file type.

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