Identity Direct Add the Avengers to Their My Adventure Book Range in the US Market

Identity Direct, an online personalized gifts website known for their successful My Adventure Books range, have added The Avengers personalized book to their list of titles. With the recent blockbuster release of Iron Man 3, the film grossed $175.3 million during its opening weekend, Identity... - June 29, 2013

Identity Direct Releases New The Avengers My Adventure Book to Australian Market

Identity Direct, the world’s leading supplier of personalised children’s products have announced the release of The Avengers Personalised Book in the Australian market. The Avengers personalised book is the latest addition to their "My Adventure Books" range and is expected... - June 25, 2013

Identity Direct Introducse My Family Stickers Range

The stick figure stickers representing family members, which people place on the windows of their cars, have become a global phenomenon since being launched in 2009. From humble beginnings at markets and school fetes, My Family stickers are now sold in over 20 countries, with 200,000 stickers produced a month. - May 07, 2013

Identity Direct Sees Easter Gifts on the Rise

Identity Direct, a leading global personalised gifts e-tailer, known for their My Adventure Book range, continues to see growth for Easter Gifts. - March 05, 2013

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