NFSTC Launches Online Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation Curse

NFSTC introduces a new, online Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation course. Go beyond the basics to cover situations investigators don’t see every day including: casting footwear under water, lifting fingerprints from skin, and bloodstain documentation. Perfect for investigators, students and those with an interest in crime scene investigation. - July 12, 2013

NFSTC Provides Specialized Forensic Training to Investigate Crimes Inside Texas Prisons

Crimes don’t just occur outside the walls of a prison; they take place in correctional facilities as well. To assist officers in investigating crimes behind bars, the Texas Office of Inspector General (OIG) recently provided specialized forensic training to 10 investigators from five regions... - July 09, 2013

Intro to Crime Scene Investigation Online Training Open for All

Investigators, would-be forensic scientists, officers of the court and fans of television police and forensic science shows, can now take Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation online, a 16-hour online course developed by experts at the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC). The... - May 15, 2013

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