NFSTC Launches Online Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation Curse

NFSTC introduces a new, online Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation course. Go beyond the basics to cover situations investigators don’t see every day including: casting footwear under water, lifting fingerprints from skin, and bloodstain documentation. Perfect for investigators, students and those with an interest in crime scene investigation.

Largo, FL, July 12, 2013 --( Who says you can’t cast footwear tracks under water?

The follow-up course to the National Forensic Science Technology Center’s popular Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation course is now available online. Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation provides expanded skills and knowledge for investigators, students interested in pursuing forensic science, corrections agencies, death investigators, tribal agencies and anyone interested in more advanced evidence collection techniques.

The intermediate course goes beyond the basics to cover situations investigators don’t see every day. Without the necessary skills and awareness, critical evidence could be lost. Some of the most popular topics in this course are:

- Casting footwear under water (submerged or partially submerged)
- Lifting fingerprints from skin
- Bloodstain/blood pattern analysis documentation
- Footwear and tire track measurement and photography

The course even includes do-it-yourself experiment ideas to help students or agency teams practice new skills.

More than 300 professionals have taken this course, which includes eight modules on specialized evidence recovery techniques, field testing, documentation, forensic light sources, evidence submission and analysis, evidence prioritization, and a scenario-based knowledge check. A pre-test helps students evaluate their improvement.

“Many investigators are highly skilled in the basics, but new tools and techniques come along all the time, so more advanced training helps every agency,” says Kevin Lothridge, CEO of the National Forensic Science Technology Center.

“We’re pleased to now be able to offer these courses on a broader, more affordable scale so agencies can continually improve their teams’ skills and students can get a jump on their careers.”

A variety of traditional crime scene training programs are available to investigators, but many require travel, enrollment in a university or prerequisite courses. To conserve limited resources, agencies often train new investigators on the job instead. While this can be very effective, it can also mean instruction is inconsistent from agency to agency. By using a single source of training that was developed to meet widely accepted guidelines, NFSTC has created an online course that can provide investigators and interested learners with a solid understanding of theories, techniques and best practices.

Participants can purchase the course for just $129 and have up to 60 days to complete their study. Information on NFSTC online training can be found at The training was developed according to guidelines recommended by the Technical Working Group on Crime Scene Investigation (TWGCSI), considered a benchmark for CSI skills.

The National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation headquartered in Largo, Florida. NFSTC provides quality forensic services including training, assessment, technology assistance and evaluation to the justice, forensic science and defense communities. NFSTC developed the original crime scene investigation training program for the National Institute of Justice.
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