Mobanu Integrated Weight Loss Rolls Out Customizable Recipe Area Featuring All New Dishes

Mobanu has added a custom recipe section to the Mobanu Website. Visitors download recipes and shopping lists which can easily be tailored to their specific Glycemic Threshold needs. - August 27, 2013

Mobanu Integrated Weight Loss Introduces Body Hardware Wearable Fitness Tracking Technology

Mobanu Integrated Weight Loss introduces wearable body hardware technology chest straps that work in conjunction with the online Mobanu diet and fitness program. - August 21, 2013

Mobanu Fitness Releases High Intensity Interval Training Videos Online

The DVD-based exercise series, Mobanu integrated Weight Loss Workout, is now available online via streaming and direct download at the Mobanu website. - August 11, 2013

Mobanu Integrated Weight Loss Launches Fitness Tracking Technology in Conjunction with Website

Mobanu Integrated Weight Loss announces the release of their new Body Hardware, to be used in conjunction with the Mobanu website to optimize workout results and maximize fat loss. - July 30, 2013

Mobanu Releases On-Line Fat-Loss Calculator for Permanent Weight Control

Mobanu Integrated Weight Loss has released their Online Fat Loss Calculator 2.0. The device is a complete tracking solution assisting users to find their glycemic threshold, calories at rest, calories working, and necessary exercise levels. - July 25, 2013

Mobanu Reveals Patented Glycemic Threshold Calculator for Optimal Fat Burning Performance

Mobanu, an integrated fitness for life company, as released the patented Glycemic Threshold Calculator to the public. The breakthrough allows users to find their unique Glycemic Threshold, and thus maintain their body at the optimum fat burning range. - July 23, 2013

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