Mobanu Integrated Weight Loss Rolls Out Customizable Recipe Area Featuring All New Dishes

Mobanu has added a custom recipe section to the Mobanu Website. Visitors download recipes and shopping lists which can easily be tailored to their specific Glycemic Threshold needs.

Crested Butte, CO, August 27, 2013 --( Mobanu Integrated Weight Loss introduces a catalog of new recipes for use with its three-pronged nutrition and fitness plan. Using Glycemic Threshold™ technology, the Mobanu Nutrition plan offers a customized meal plan with recipes based on individual body chemistry.

“Mobanu Nutrition is like having a personal nutritionist in your kitchen,” according to Julie Hammerstein, certified nutritionist and leading health expert. “Other weight-loss programs may give you a list of foods to eat, or even a meal plan, but when you combine Mobanu’s recipe index with your custom nutritional profile, you get delicious recipes for meals that are best for your body’s fat-burning metabolism.” According to Hammerstein, using Mobanu tools, like the Glycemic Load Chart, and the Glycemic Threshold™ calculator, users custom design their meal plan with recipes that optimize weight loss for them.

“Best of all, the meals are appetizing, delicious, and most importantly, filling,” says, Hammerstein. “Those processed, pre-packaged meals with factory ingredients portioned to precise caloric requirements are tasteless, expensive, and don’t work for long-term weight loss—because one day you have to go back to feeding yourself.” Mobanu recipes use only real, fresh ingredients for simple-to-prepare meals, like Cheesy Bacon Quiche, Seasoned Buffalo Wings with Creamy Blue Cheese Dip, and Porterhouse Steak with Sautéed Mushrooms. She adds, “Mobanu recipes will have you eating real food and losing weight.”

Donald Ochs, researcher and founder of Mobanu, relates how his experience with years of fad diets, calorie counters, gimmicky shakes and snack bars left him with little hope that it was possible to eat real food and lose weight. His goal for the Mobanu program was not only to create an extensive recipe catalog of delicious real food, but also to teach simple principles for eating that would empower users to create their own meals, and even order in restaurants with confidence. Ochs says, “One reason the Mobanu program ‘sticks,’ is the food. People can’t stick with something long term if it’s rabbit food, and they shouldn’t stick with anything that isn’t real food.”

In conjunction with the meal plan, the Mobanu program features Glycemic Threshold™ technology, a natural hormone-regulating tool for optimal fat burning, as well as science-based fitness training, and brain-wave entrainment as a motivational component. Mobanu looks forward to being a leader in healthy weight-loss with its integrated program, and has been well received by doctors as a healthy way to rapidly achieve maintainable weight goals. “Mobanu is really three complete weight-loss systems rolled into one,” Ochs says, “All three parts work together, giving you everything you need to succeed.”
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