Plymouth North’s News Show Earns Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac’s "Driven Students" Award for April

They say good news comes in three’s. For the Plymouth North News, the newscast produced by Plymouth North students, that news came on Friday, April 7. That’s when the PNN team learned it had placed third in Fox 25’s Best High School Newscast contest, an accomplishment that earned them Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac’s “Driven Student” award for the month of April. - May 08, 2008

The Cadillac of Cadillac Dealers…

Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac wins ‘Standard of Excellence’ honors for first quarter 2008. - April 23, 2008

Plymouth North Recycle Their Way to Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac’s "Driven Student" Award for March

Each day, students of the Life Skills class and case program at Plymouth North High School make the rounds of classrooms, collecting paper set aside for recycling. It might sound like a thankless job, but a mighty big thank you came recently when this group received the Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac “Driven Student” award for the month of March. - March 24, 2008

Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac Hosts Car Seat Inspection/Replacement Event on March 8

Safely transporting your infants and small children takes more than just following the rules of the road. It means making sure they’re secure in their car seats and later in booster seats. - February 15, 2008

An Honor and a Privilege

Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac toasts “driven” Plymouth North National Honor Society students. - February 01, 2008

Green Comes to Plymouth… Tracy Chevrolet-Cadillac Introduces "Green" Initiatives in 2008

Conversations including “green” and “Plymouth” usually involve golf courses like Waverley Oaks or Pine Hills or the lush forests of Myles Standish Park. In 2008, Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac might be at the center of those discussions as part of General Motors and... - January 22, 2008

Spirited Plymouth North Students Win Tracy Chevrolet-Cadillac "Driven Student" Award

Fifteen members of the Plymouth North freshman football team recently received the Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac “Driven Student” award. They achieved this not for their exploits on the gridiron but for getting fellow freshman class members to attend their final game against Plymouth South’s freshman team. - January 09, 2008

New Driver at the Wheel… Tracy Chevrolet-Cadillac Names Colanino as General Manager

For more than 15 years, Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac has developed a standard for first-rate customer service and straightforward, bottom-line pricing. That reputation not only attracts customers, but top-flight sales management professionals like recently named General Sales Manager Frank... - December 13, 2007

So Easy to Win a Corvette… Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac Donates 2007 Corvette Convertible for Plymouth Lions Club Raffle

Whether you’re a car aficionado or not, a brand new shiny Corvette is quite a sight to see. So it’s perfectly fitting that part of the proceeds from the Plymouth Lions Club raffle of a 2007 Corvette convertible, donated by Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac, will go towards research for the treatment of preventable blindness. - November 30, 2007

Tracy Chevrolet-Cadillac Delivers First "Driven Student" Award to Freshman Class Leaders at Plymouth North High School

Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac recently kicked off its “Driven Student” recognition program by honoring the newly elected officers for the freshman class at Plymouth North High School. - November 16, 2007

So Easy to Work with Tracy Service Advisors

Tracy Chevrolet-Cadillac promotes McGue to Service Director; Boccella, Gay and Morrill to Senior Service Advisor. - October 31, 2007

So Easy to See Some Awesome "Rides"… Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac Hosts Corvette Show on September 22

A Corvette evokes many different things for many people. Musicians write songs about them. It’s been the centerpiece of more than one mid-life crisis. And for most, it defines the term “sports car.” Whatever your reason for loving Corvettes, you’ll have the opportunity to... - September 14, 2007

So Easy to Help South Plymouth Little League

Tracy Chevrolet Cadillac helps SPLL score brand new scoreboard for Emerson Field. - August 31, 2007

Tracy Chevrolet-Cadillac to Award a 2007 Chevy Tahoe for a Hole-in-One at the First Annual Sean Kearney Memorial Golf Tournament

For any golfer, pro or amateur, a hole-in-one is an accomplishment of a lifetime. Thanks to Tracy Chevrolet-Cadillac, a hole-in-one can also mean a brand new automobile and, more importantly, helping a very worthy cause, the Sean Kearney Memorial Fund, get off the ground. Eight-year-old Sean... - July 19, 2007

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