GAO Tek Inc. Releases a New ARM SBC2410-I

GAO Tek Inc. Announces a new ARM SBC2410-I. The SBC2410-I Single Board Computer (SBC) is based on the Samsung S3C2410A ARM9 CPU, which is able to run at 200+MHz internally off an external 12MHz crystal. - March 22, 2008

GAO Tek Inc. Has Launched a New STDV711F

GAO Tek Inc. Introduces a STDV711F. The STDV711F evaluation board is intended as a low-cost development platform to enable rapid evaluation of the STR71x series of 32-bit 64-pin ARM7 core microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics. The STDV711F board is based on STR711FR2T6 microcontroller with... - March 22, 2008

GAO Tek Inc. Proudly Presents a New ARM SBC2410-II

GAO Tek Inc. Announces a ARM SBC2410-II. The SBC2410-II is a full-featured single board computer (SBC) using the Samsung S3C2410A processor with most controller interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, RS232, LCD, Keyboard, Jtag, SD/MMC, etc . - March 22, 2008

Gao Tek Inc. Presents a New Gao IDE for ARM Development Tools Suite B

GAO Tek Inc. Introduces a GAO IDE for ARM development Tools Suite B. GAO IDE for ARM is a complete solution for embedded ARM development. The IDE for ARM development Tools Suite B provides a simple and versatile graphical user interface and tools for creating applications for the ARM architecture. - March 21, 2008

Gao Tek Inc. Introduces a Ice for Arm Enterprise Version 5

GAO Tek Inc. has released a new ICE for ARM Enterprise Version 5. The new enterprise version 5 not only keeps those professional versions features, but also brings in newest version of FPGA and CPLD to improve tri-chips structure. Updated Features of Ice for Arm Enterprise Version 5: • New... - March 14, 2008

Gao Tek Inc. Proudly Announces a Ice for Arm Professional Version 5.1

GAO Tek Inc. has released a new ICE for ARM Professional Version 5.1. Main Features of the Ice for Arm Professional Version 5.1: • Accomplished ARM RDI 1.5 and RDI 1.51 standard, compatible with ARM Multi-ICE, supports ARM SDT/ADS/RDS and other RDI standard debuggers, such as GreenHills... - March 14, 2008

Gao Tek Inc. Announces a LPCEB2000 IW1

GAO Tek Inc. has released a new LPCEB2000 IW1. The 16/32-bit LPC2000 family is based on a 1.8V ARM7TDMI-S core operating at up to 60 MHz together with a wide range of peripherals including multiple serial interfaces, 10-bit ADC and external bus options. These controllers are designed for use in a... - March 14, 2008

Gao Tek Inc Proudly Presents Arm STDV710A

GAO Tek Inc. has announced a new STDV710A. The STR710F-Z2T6 is an ARM-powered microcontroller with embedded Flash and RAM. It is based on the ARM7TDMI core with low pin-count packages to aim at customers who want the power and flexibility of a 32-bit microcontroller plus an extensive range of... - March 13, 2008

GAO Tek Inc. Introduces Improved BER Tester Featuring USB I/O

GAO Tek is pleased to announce its latest, improved BER tester released as GAO5853 E1 BER Tester. The tester is a small, multi-functional handheld E1 line test instrument specially designed for E1 Pulse-code modulation (PCM) line access, maintenance, check and acceptance. It provides BER testing,... - September 21, 2007

GAO Tek Inc. Rolls Out Upgrades for VP28B+ and VP38B+ Universal Programmer – VP280 and VP380

GAO Tek Inc. is introducing upgrades to its VP28B+ and VP38B+ Universal Programmers. The newly developed models, VP280 and VP380, support more than 6000 and 8000 devices respectively – up to 2000 more devices than before. The new VP280 and VP380 models are capable of handling different... - August 18, 2007

GAORFID Inc. Announces Low Frequency (LF) 134.2 kHz HDX Portable RFID Reader with LCD Display - ISO 11784

The Low Frequency HDX Portable RFID Reader is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its high definition, backlit LCD display is easy to read. The reader is equipped with audible feedback to verify successful reads. The reader connects to any PC via RS232 serial. The Low Frequency... - August 11, 2007

New Release — GAO 2812EVM-I Evaluation Board

GAO's 2812EVM-I Evaluation Board is one of GAO Tek's best selling products because of its many strengths. The board is specially designed for control system developers to evaluate the performance of their applications running on a TMS320F2812 DSP. In addition, it enables users to quickly evaluate... - August 02, 2007

GAORFID Inc. Announces GenTop™ Standalone GEN 2 RFID Reader/Writer (Global)

The GenTop™ Standalone RFID Reader/Writer is designed for the desktop. Developers will find the GenTop™ Standalone RFID Reader/Writer an excellent tool to aid in testing and validating applications designed for use in RFID enabled environments. The GenTop™ is low priced and... - July 28, 2007

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